Day 7-I'm In Heaven!!!!

Well not really-But Happy to have reached the end of the first week.It's certainly not been Horrifying and the Worst thing ever to happen to me.Its been unpleasant at the most and only some of the time.Not once have I been tempted to have a puff and I still reinforce my quit by reading other peoples messages and whyquits site/vids.So next post I move into the next forum-The 2nd Week......thats if I dont smoke today.I know I wont.An inner feeling.Its one day at a time at the moment...but that one puff thingy is TRUE....thats what ruined my last quit.


I can live without it...LOL.:eek::D:D:eek:

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  • Well done Douglas, it's great getting Hell Week over you. Onwards and upwards my friend :)

  • Nice one Douglas!

  • Well done douglas. Keep going, you're doing great!


  • Yay! Well done on your week!

    Thats super smashing - onward and upwards!


  • Well done - it sounds like you've got your head in the right place for a lifelong quit! :D

  • Thursday 6.00pm

    Thanks to all of you.....No smoking today for sure.Will post later on the Week 2 forum.All's well as I head for day 8.Re-read Allen Carrs Quit smoking pdf.Its useful.Anyway must continue with other things and will be in touch tomorrow.Best Wishes...douglas.j P.S just back from a longish walk in the park,fresh air and no smoking-Thats the way to do it>as mr punch once said!!!

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