Day 13 ...Feel great (and its nothing to do with last night!!)

Day 13... some potential triggers today. Traffic jam, sunny day and sitting outside with a coffee, but it was ok. More than ok. I can watch someone smoke and think "ohh I bet that's nice", but I wouldn't have one myself.

Felt energetic and confident today.

Thank you, everyone. Its nearly 2 weeks and I wouldn't be here without you.



ps. date was nice!

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  • Ooh a date? I missed an NSD forum budding romance? Tell all!!!

    Congratulations Elizabeth. Keep those positive thoughts, it really does help a lot. And give yourself a huge pat on the back (or... get someone to do it for you! :p)


  • Well done :) keep it up him u r doing so well!

    Ooo glad date went good :D x

  • Helen, I really appreciate your reply, all your replies. I know you've had a devastating month.

    Thank you.

    Thank you both.

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