No Smoking Day
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Now in week 8

It's actually quite a surprise to see how the days have snook up on me!

I'm adjusting to life as a non-/ex-smoker, although sadly it hasn't taken the path I was hoping for. Which is probably why I'm finding it so hard to 'celebrate'.

I went to see my family last weekend, and told my 8 yr old brother Luke that I'd quit. What I saw was complete disinterest in his face, which was a bit disheartening. But when speaking to my OH a couple of days later he said "Luke's face really lit up when you'd said you'd quit."

So it seems I've entered another depressive phase, which is colouring my view of things. I just keep reminding myself that this could have happened whether I was smoking or not, and keep taking the NRT until I feel a bit more stable.

Anyways, I'd better go and clean this room up a bit ready for tomorrow's sunday lunch. :rolleyes: (I will not drink all the beers while tidying, I will not *hic* drink *hic*. Oopsh!)

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Hi Jen

I'm sure your little brother is pleased his much loved sister has quit smoking.

He has NO idea (being a child and a non smoker!) how much a challenge it is and how amazingly well you've done to get to 2 months.

I have a close friend who hasn't shown much support for my quit. It's really made me question this friendship. However today she told me she hasn't wanted to talk about it because she thought she'd be reminding me of it.

See...non-smokers don't get it. I WANT to talk about it. All the time.... Until I don't! Simple!

Anyway I know this isn't about other peoples reactions.

I'm sorry you're feeling low. I've been depressed as a smoker and a non-smoker so it doesn't make much difference. Except when you smoke you've got THAT to worry about.

Have you got a good doctor, someone you can talk to?

I hope this is a "phase" for you and you'll soon be out the other side.

Enjoy your Sunday lunch.



Hi Jen,

Congrats on getting into Week 8, you are doing so well and will soon be in the Month 3 room:) Sorry that you are feeling down though, big cyber hug to you.

And I don't think you drank all the beers last night cos I did:p Ooh my head:(



Well done Jen :D


Thanks Zoe & Lizzie for your support. :)

I feel better now - part of it was being run down. When I'm coming down with something, I'm always exhausted, and being tired makes me feel down (and being down makes me tired). I'm still tired, but at least I know it's just down to the head cold, and possibly a bit to the time of year (nasty dark evenings can b*****r off :p I want my pub garden weather back :mad:).

If the mood does persist, I might go back to the CBT service I used before - you can self-refer, which is great.

Lizzie, you're right about the non-smokers, my boyfriend will congratulate me when prompted, but has yet to buy me a surprise 'well done' gift! Even one of his friends (an ex-smoker) has told him he should! He doesn't have any choice about talking though :D


Hey Jen,

Way to go!

They days do sneek up though, you are right!

You need to pamper yourself or be pampered for hitting that 8 week mark!!



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