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8 weeks minus 8 puffs

Just in from a sportsmans dinner at the golf club. 8 pints or so no smokes urges be it non of my mates smoke or have ever (why do/did i?)

Im still beating my self up from my blip 10 days ago and cant help but feel remote from the forum as i feel i have cheated. Ive gone back to half patches and doing ok - had the most stressssssssful week at work but really glad not smoking as I know would just make it worse.

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Andrew - 8 weeks is great - you should be proud of yourself and good job recovering from a blip. A blip once in a while seems to be normal here and nobody is going to hold it against you. I wouldn't recommend letting it happen too often though as that has lead me back to being a full time smoker several times in the past.

I’m using patches to and often joke about becoming a patch addict or increasing to two patches a day. I guess it still beats smoking so do whatever works for you and soon you will be at the penthouse with all the others that braved it out before us.

Stay strong in your quit Andrew


Hi Andrew time to stop beating yourelf up and get on with your quit. lots of ex smokers have had blips'just one puff' or 3, i can quit again' its called bargaining .like i say weve all done it [well most] but we have all learned that one leads to another and so on.

All the best Mash x


Good lesson though that NOPE is the way. I can completely vouch that there is no mileage whatsover in having "just the one" .

It would be so easy to derail everything, and has really dented my sense of achievement.

Be it one good thing about blip it gives you a memory note of how vile they are.

I should move into month 3 in a few days, but feel a bit funny about doing so.

I will take a chill pill and see.

Guess 57 days - 1,139 fags not smoked preety good

Thanks for your support and keep on keeping on


Andrew i feel exactly the same as u and i stopped 2 days after you. i have had a blip (around 15 fags one very very drunken wkd and cant even remember smoking half of them) and i too feel a bit of a cheat moving into next month but at the same time, if u continued on ur quit that is the main thing. everyone knows we couldnt do that again without getting sucked into it full time.

the good thing is we had a smoke, hated it, and never continued, its a step in the right direction. well done, i am finding this part of the quit really difficult but going to ride it out as i think after 3 months it is meant to get easier.... thats only another 4 weeks to go.....


As others have said already - just get over it and keep going! Focus on the positive achievement and walk into month three with pride. You have done just fine. :)



I know how you feel Andrew as I smoked 4 cigarettes whilst drunk on Friday night and have had a rubbish weekend because so annoyed with myself about it. I knew if I drank this early into my quit it would happen and still did it - will I ever learn? :mad:

The positives are I soaked and chucking the remaining fags yesterday morning and I did not enjoy smoking them at all - they were vile. :(


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