No Smoking Day
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It's such a lovely day!!!!

Oh guys;) the sun is shining even in October LOL!!!! And I am into Day 26 of my quit, still think i have dreamt it sometimes but lol no it is real wot me???? I am not smug cos I didn't do it myself, everyone on this forum did it for me, thank goodness I found you all LOL!! I am having a day when not smoking feels really good so I am making the most of it, cos I know I will have craving days but will kick them into touch:mad: oh I will take those cravings down yahahahaha:D Gonna go for a walk while it is still sunny and feel free!! Got THREE Mars Bars which I know is evil but some days we need a treat just for the sake of it?? Will get into healthy eating soon when I feel like it!! This is MY time though and I will do all I can to protect my very young quit!! Hope everyone is having a great day and it is sunny where you are!!

Off for my walk now, catch you all later,

Zoe xx

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I am so happy you good day!! believe me you deserve it well and truly.


Thanks Gary,

I am so going to need a quit Mars Bar forum soon though yikes lol:(



Hey Zoe .....BIG RESPECT TO YOU GIRL... 26 Days eh .... :eek:

You must be so proud and pleased with yourself and so you should be !

Not to sure where you are but it's certainly not sunny up north :mad:

(I'm in Bolton, nr Manchester)

It's done nothing but rain......rain......hail stone....... rain again.....more rain... even more rain....... oh and did I mention the spot of rain we've been having .... lol

Oh yeah..... Watch those mars bars.... cause I'm counting...:D


Sneakily stuffs Mars Bar in mouth cos the dragon is offline so he can't see me........ yahahahaha:D:D


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