No Smoking Day
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Day 6 and my lovely new car!

Been car shopping all day so finally sitting down, hubby finally gave into my pleas for a bigger car and we got one today so I'm all chuffed and its so fresh with no smell of stale smoke woohoo!

Been doing ok today, not too many triggers that I couldn't handle. Hubby still hasn't managed to get on the wagon with me yet but he's planning on monday although I'm not going to nag cos he has to do it in his own time when he's ready so there's always fags about but they're not even tempting me so that's good and when I smell him of smoke I think yuck!

A week in tomorrow evening, time flies when your feeling free :)

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How very exciting, always lovely to get something new, and a car WOW,

It's also so very nice that you are managing your quit very nicely indeed, your doing great


Lovely to hear it's going so well hun, really pleased for you xxx


Fantastic Mrs M and what better way of treating yourself for reaching the end of Week One than a new car? :D

Yes, do tell what car it is if that's OK. We recently bought a replacement car too (our dear Renault Megane Coupe finally gave up the ghost after 16 years so we sold it on ebay and bought a second-hand Ford Focus instead) and OH is like a child with a new toy (bless him....:))

Hope your OH does take the plunge but you're quite correct- it only works when the time is right doesn't it? (and this is your time....)


What a lovely treat for you both. Well done Mrs M your doing so well


Even the nasty horror movie man has a smile on his face and brings you flowers ;)


lol Kat, it was a compliment and let me show you what I mean, the man with the flowers with the smiley face is an adjusted Jason from Friday the 13th films, here's the original picture and what he normally looks like.

Oh good luck with the new car :)


Nice one Steely, I got the champix dreams already mate, wonder what it's gonna be tonight

Enjoy the new motor Mrs M!


Lol love the pic Steely!


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