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Helpfull Colleagues......NOT !

Just sat thinking about my day and thought how unhelpful some of my colleagues are. So far today, I have had the following comments:

1. You look so fed up...go on,just have a fag, you're young enough to try stopping again before it's too late :eek:

2. You need to do something about that miserable face of yours....(twice) :rolleyes:

3. You look tired and bedraggled today :(

4. You're clearly depressed, you need to do something about that :mad:

Came home somewhat fed up and decided to offload to OH how the above comments had affected me. He proceeded to discuss his new trainers and how clean they were staying compared to the white ones??? WTF!!

Am I in the twighlight zone today??


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god!! Pip...these people should be ashamed of themselves..I mean your colleagues, not necessarily your OH!

All of their comments are their problems...not yours.

How dare they remark on your supposed mental state and your appearance...what sort of people are they???

Are these comments supposedly in "jest"??

If they are perhaps you could remind them that they are NOT funny.

Try and ignore them. I don't know what you do, but I work on a pc all day and if I don't want to communicate I listen to my MP3 player.

Download some funny podcasts or great music.

Oh your post has made me mad. People are SO, SO...unbelievable!!!


God, they sound like a right bunch of bleeps! :eek: It's not even as if they're showing genuine concern that you might be going through a rough patch.

I'd be very tempted to tell them I was miserable because I have to be around them...

Sorry about your OH, I think that's a bloke thing - they don't really know what to do if there isn't a practical solution (before anyone says I'm stereotyping, my OH said that himself, and he's quite a 'modern man' :p)

edit: I think you're doing really well *hug*


Awe Pip..... I can't say anything practical other than I think only people going through a quit can understand how we feel, so don't take things to heart !

Came home somewhat fed up and decided to offload to OH how the above comments had affected me. He proceeded to discuss his new trainers and how clean they were staying compared to the white ones??? WTF!!

Am I in the twighlight zone today??


..................and I apologise in advance but I found this part of your post absolutley hillarious...:D :D've really tickled my funny bone with that...... Brilliant !!

I think me and your hubby would get on very lol

Stay strong



Hi All

Believe it or not the go on have a fag comment was from the last remaining smoker in the office at work (selfish sentiments I think)!

The miserable face comments were my buddy who has been quit for some time and has until now been really supportive?? Pious ex-smoker who did it all bigger and better than me without NRT might I add! (Male.....says it all)

The bedraggled comment was from the woman at after school club who knows I am quitting and am always running late for school, she should know better!

and OH.....well I'm never surprised by his lack of attention to my problems, as long as we focus on him the world is at ease.

They say there's nowt wierder than folk at times and today has been one of those days! It's just a good job I have a sense of humour......for now!

Well, am at hairdressers tomorrow, should at least get some decent conversation without comment on my miserable face lol !!



I can totally believe the remaining smoker comment. Nicodemon personified!

I also doubt the pious ex-smoker was all joy and smiles all the time - obviously he needs to up his self-esteem now you've quit as well by making his quit better!! I bet he's one of those people who can't stand being overtaken by a smaller car :D


Phew Pip, wtf?? we have been invaded by smokers from alpha centauri. When I first started this quit ran into old friend not seen for ages blah, so said I given up smoking. First response - 'do you want a rolly' whaatt? I never liked rollies in the first place but why that question?? We the sane ones not them. Next person I told - 'Well ya gotta die of something' whaatt we the only sane persons left I tell you. Was too shocked to speak lol. And with that i am still quit?? Finding lot of jealousy from unexpected sources but do i care?? no coz we are right.:D



Feel strong in my quit tonight early I know but hey there are more than one corner in a maze!! Funny day today but I did it:D More corners to go I know but if I keep going ....



On a more seriouse note!

Please ask OH what brand of trainers they are!

ROTFL I'm sorry I couldnt resist :)


Gary I would presume they were Nike, however I can't tell for sure as they were indistinguishable after I set fire to them :D

Regrettably the owner was still wearing them at the time......

Pip ;)



Dont listen to the smokers, when I fell off the wagon some smokers were secretly pleased, I could tell, they want you back in the fold. They feel increasingly lonely in their fuggy smoky world, hold your head up high and dont let the bas.....s get you down !:D


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