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Today is my first year anniversary. A whole year without one puff. Can't quite believe it! Amazing how time can fly.

How has it been? A complete breeze most of the time, almost impossible some of the time. I was such a committed chuffer - giving up was something I would do 'one day' and I am still amazed that 'one day' finally came, and it is a whole 365 days ago. They say it gets easier and it really does, but what I have found suprising is that the strength of the craves are still strong, just less frequent. I still feel sometimes like I smoked about two hours ago and I am at my tolerance threshold and need another. But it passes, more quickly than in the beginning.

I am heavier - but then I started out quite porky so it was inevitable. I'm the sort to look for an excuse to eat more so that wasn't a surprise. But now I have one less thing to worry about regarding my health. That ever present fear in the back of my mind about the latest cough or the breathlessness - the fear has gone, and that feels good.

My home has been redecorated and I chose light colours and it still looks fresh. I don't have that feeling of angst when stuck in a long meeting - distracted by the fact I need a smoke. I remember that feeling of coming out of a three hour meeting and not knowing what to do first - smoke, wee or eat. Now there's just the choice between two!

I have seen others around me try and fail, or try and succeed. I thik the key to success is all in the mind, plus the right tools and the right support. But most importantly, your head has to be in it. I had other things going on in my life at the time, major life events, and quitting smoking was a minor event. That helped with the mindset, but I am still hugely proud of myself and would most definitely say if I can do it, anyone can.

Going to spend the whole day with a stupid grin on my face! :D:D:D:D:

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Well done Cindy , i cant wait too be were you are :D

brilliant mrscp

i knew you would do it come on in i am quite at home here in the penthouse

i know exactly what you mean with the meeting thing i have started a college course which is a three hour lesson and the freedom i have never fails to impress me at break i dont even leave the classroom just carry on jotting down key points to make it easier for my exam

in the old days for one i probably wouldnt have even enrolled on the course and if i had then i would have been bolting for the nearest exit at break to puff of as many fags as i could in 15 mins

well done a year and more is the ultimate goal and a brillaint place to be


Wonderful post Mrs CP and many congratulations. I was just querying how many May 2011 quitters were still around and up you pop!! You are very definately a great success story...Well done:)

omg una only four days to go and you will be here in the penthouse to i am ready for big hugs



A wonderful achievement. Doesn't it feel great? Enjoy your day, you deserve it.

Congratulations, MrsCP. Big, shiny, jam-filled, sugar-coated, diamond-encrusted, ribbon-bedecked congratulations.

Helen x

Well done MrsCP!!!

Great feeling, isn't it?


thanks all! It really is a good feeling and I am so chuffed that I'm actually here!

I bought myself a new watch as a treat to myself and also as a reminder that by giving up, I am likely to have given myself more time. Sounds a bit preachy, sorry, but I guess that's what it's all about. I've jumped right off that particular roullette table (sp?)

I did it!! :D

Hi Cindy

Congratulations on your first year smoke free. I can so relate to your post as i too was one of those who would do it one day and did not know whtat to do first when i needed my fix.

A whole year is amazing Hun well done from me.

Take care and here's t your next 365 days xx


Congrats Mrs CP

Time does indeed fly by.

Well done and keep it up!!!:D

Well done congratulations...cant wait to join you but will be a while yet lol...xx

Well done that's fantastic. You are where I'm aiming to be

So well done MrsCP. Congrats

That is brilliant Mrs CP I cant wait until I have reached a year. Your post is brilliant us new to a quit can learn a lot from people like you Thanks very much for the insight!:)

Welcome, well posted, well done, MrsCP :cool:

Congratulations, MrsCP. Big, shiny, jam-filled, sugar-coated, diamond-encrusted, ribbon-bedecked congratulations.

Gold 100s n' 1,000s drizzled over the aforementioned :)

A great big Zipperdeedoodah well done, A year is well, a year of not smoking and its a pretty fantastic thing to do. A day is awesome but a year is off the scale. how pleased you must be..

Mash x:cool:

Awesome stuff! Congrats! Woooooooot!

A big WELL DONE to you Mrs CP so glad you made it! It does feel good doesn't it. I am waving to you by the bar what is your tipple? oh and there's lots of nibbles for us too.

Best wishes. xx:D


Well done Mrs C

Its great to see so many quitters reaching the Penthouse, I cant wait till they realise we are packed in here like peas in a pod and they will have to extend which will be great so long as they extend from the floor up of course, dont like the idea of floating out on a big balcony ):, flowers in your room ready for you, hope you like fresias x

Mrs CP

Brilliant effort, well done.

Keep battling....


A major milestone! Very well done! :D


thank you all so much for taking the time to respond! I really do hope that those of you who have quit recently can see that the time does go by quickly and before you know it, you have been a non smoker for a whole 12 months. I know i will never smoke again because I never did want to be a smoker for the rest of my life and I hate the idea of having to go through the quit all over again!

The battle may be won but the war will go on forever. A friend of mine suggested, tongue in cheek, that I celebrate with a fag, which of course I won't do but it did raise an important fact - my biggest enemy now is complacency.

and for those asking - champagne please! preferably pink! And a nice big bunch of burgundy roses - thanks!!

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