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Just a catch up!

Hello all

Hope this thread finds you all well?

Just wanted to send a little catch up as I've not been on the forum for a while.

Well, I'm still here, over 8 months in and apart form weight I can't shift, I am still smoke free and very happy!

The last time I posted I have to admit I felt a bit down and could have quite easily had a sneeky fag, but a few things have happened, that have put things into a bit of perspective! Nothing drastic, life changing or threatening! Just normal stuff.

1. Work is pants and who knows I could be out of a job in the near future, but where i used to worry on my own and smoke, I share things better!

2. I have got heavily involved in my two sons football team (thats soccer to anyone not form the UK) this has been invaluable to me as it's altered my focus and I have had so much enjoyment out of it.

3. And from 2, So much so has my focus has changed that I've re enrolled at University! Something I've wanted to do for a while, but never had the time as it probably interupted with my smoking.

I know I've said that I would not be here without my family and you guys on this forum, but it's true, once again thanks and take care

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hi shaun

long time no see

glad u are still doing well

i to have enrolled in a college course starting in the new year never considered it before as i think fitting in smoking would have had to be considered back in the old stinky days

i also run around the park with the kids going on all the play equipment rather than sit on the bench and smoke

it amazing how much our lives change for the better when we quit not just health wise but in every other way


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