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day 1


day 1 for about the millionth time :) - and whats different this time? - i dont know , hopefully attitude, and afew lifestyle changes to add in as well - more fresh air , more fruit and veg , some looking after me , and stoping putting off things that i want to do with my life , with so many excuses

new start really thats the plan

im using patches , as these have worked fairly well for me before, and i dont have to self administer , and stress about that - i just know its there and working , like a little buddy.

hello to anyone who remembers me from the last time i tried quitting with this site - i hope everythings well for you :D

daizy x xx

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thanks for your support una - yes i am so a tryer :o

i too am hopeing that this will be a defining point , at the moment i feel so ill and full of tension , that i realise that there are alot of things ive got to change, and just admitting that to myself is already making me feel a little better.

off to the doctors tomorrow , to see if he can help me out - im willing to try everything and anything to pull myself back together right now.



good luck , you know you got it in you, to make it.

Never give up trying :D

I tried a million times and I hope this time I get there.

Hi Daizy,

I know that feeling that something has to change. And you've already started the journey.

Smoking adds nothing to our lives. Doesn't make us feel happy, fulfilled, less lonely, less bored. It doesn't fill the space. And it certainly doesn't make us feel healthier.

I've attempted 5 major quits. One was successful for 3 years (that was 6 years ago). I feel this one is different too (on day 6!)

Good luck, You sound very determined, but get all the help you can.


Thannks dorset and elizabeth :)

its been a tough day 1 - ive just ran a rollie under the tap - its not really what i want.

well done on 6 days lizzie :D , looking forward to getting a week under my belt

Good for you Daisy we here if you need somebody.

All the best Daisy.I too was on day one not so long ago feeling daunted but now im in to my second week and wondering why i didnt do it sooner.


sat all everning with an unlit fag and lighter - watchin somthing on tv, that has helped me not smoke it -omg am i mad - well im not smoking it now

and ive finished day 1


Well done on day 1 completion!! The first day of the rest of your smokefree life!!!!!

I would get rid of that unlit fag if I was in your place- my resolve is not that strong!!


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