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No Smoking Day
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Day 9 nearly over

Today has been a strange day. I woke up this morning and instanty felt excited, Oh day 9! Day9! I was so pleased and accepted that I no longer smoke.

I now no longer smoke, I dont want one. But I have felt really weird. I dont know how to describe the way Im feeling other than Im a bit out of sorts. I've relied quite heavily on the lozenges today and its not because I want a ciggy either, I think Im missing that hand to mouth thing. I wont use an inhlaler just because I dont like them, I bought electric cigarettes that cost me £65 and hated them too.

I really, really dont want to replace the smoking with food.

As I said its been a strange day today, I dont know how Im feeling but Ive got through it anyway and maybe tomorrow will see me back to normal.

I hope so.

lillie xx

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Hi lillie and well done to getting to Day 9:cool: It is still early days though. I have been obsessed with cigarettes since I quit even in the times when I wasn't craving. But today has been the first day I have felt sure I don't want to smoke, have been comfortable without smoking, and have been able to forget about cigs for periods of time. So progress at last:D And it is Day 23 for me, so I hope things will be a lot easier from now on. So keep going cos your doing great and I can now confirm that it really, really does start to get easier YO!!:D So stay strong lillie and all will be well very soon.




Hi Lillie,

Day 9 eh..... wit woo A MASSIVEWell Done ! for getting so far

I've come on to update my quit diary just compelted Day 3 but there must be something in the air today, cause although I've not come close to smoking I have felt a bit 'out of sorts' Didn't help when I woke up to a sore throat and then coughing...... never ever cough normally ?? I've read about the body getting rid of smoking sh*t and all...... that but it's a bit of a downer when you normally never cough and 3 days into quitting you wake up feeling like a 90 yr old ? (no offence to any oldies :rolleyes:)

And I know what you mean about not really cravings but just missing something ??? weird ain't it ?? I blame my friend Mr Champix for that though

As I say I'm a novice so woudn't try to give you advice but I've read loadz and loadz on t'internet....... All I would say is keep your focus on the 'day in hand' Day 9 is ticked off, How good will you feel after tomorrow in double digits... whey hey man !! Keep going and keep posting both good and bad experiences cause it really helps us newbies closely following in your steps.

p.s thanks for link to the counter yesterday, I luv mine :D


Hi Lillie

I bought some sugars free lollipops from Holland & Barrett for times when I needed to replace that hand to mouth action. I haven't tried them yet so don't know if they taste ok.

Not a great substitute I know!

We're bound to have good days and bad days, just keep remenbering how well you're doing.



I have tried to quit several times using several methods and at the moment am on day 15 of my latest attempt, I am using Champix. I find that when I am really missing something (not always a cig) that a drink of water often helps or eating celery, I too dont want to replace smoking with eating. :)


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