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Grrrrrr@my mouth

It started last night. My back tooth started to ache, it felt like it was filling my mouth, then my mouth went dry and the gums on my bottom front teeth started to sting. I put some bonjella on it and that just stung worse.

Ive never had such a dry mouth before, its not nice

Anyway did my nightime routing, brushed, flossed and then used my interdental brush followed by mouthwash. I woke up this morning and nothing, but an hour ago it all started again.

Is this a common side effect of stopping smoking?

On the bright side my tongue is now pink and my teeth are whiter, every cloud has a silver lining as they say.

lillie xx

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Hi Lillie

I have always had some sort of problem like this on each quit I have tried. It always involves bleeding gums and sensitivity, but on a previous quit, I also damaged the muscle on my jaw by clenching my teeth at night. Your dentist will be very sympathetic if you pay him or her a visit.


Hi Lillie,

I have had a very dry mouth since I quit, and I panicked a bit cos I thought I was going diabetic?? Got bleeding gums too and funny little spotty things inside my lower lip. Not very nice I know. If it persists I guess it's a doctor or dentist job for us:( Hope it all clears up soon though.




Thank you ladies.

I have an appointment at the dentist in 2 weeks time, will try to hold out till then.

Lillie xx


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