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2 weeks today - not a good day... grrrrrr!

2 weeks today, which is great but today I had the worst day since i've quit - don't even know where it came from I think it's because I felt stressed & found it really hard to deal with, I know smoking won't make me feel better so I just cried (what a wimp!) but at least I didn't smoke.

I just hope that at some point I won't think of cigs & smoking because I really don't want one so why won't my stupid brain stop thinking about them



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Hi Denise well done 2wks you have done at 9 days..but you are not on your own, I know what you mean about about keep thinking about them it seems constant like little voices nagging in your head..I dont want one but sometimes its all I can think about.xx


hi denise, well done on your quit. im afraid this is a no brainer for me, smoke or cry.........mmmm cry me thinks:D, dont get me wrong i am the most unemotional female i know, except when its the offspring, but crying is a great way to release stress......keep going you r doing great.


Thank you all :)

Love the pic Rogue :D


Denise, you will feel up and down many times during your quit...just know that with every down there is an up. Just get past that shitty day/week and the next will be better. Honestly, I thought I couldn't last a moment longer feeling crappy but lo and behold I'm feeling just great again. Hang on in there, quitting requires inner strength...find it and use it to push through to the good times.

All the best

Lisa xxx


Aw Denise,

Must be a two-week thing because I have had the worst two days of my quit.

Hangin' on to Lisa's words here... and nope still rings true (just!)

Suze x


I thought I was going mad today, i'm sure my kids & friends will all hate me by the time i've finished!!

Yes lisa is right :)

We can do this - we are strong (said in robotic voice lol!!) :D


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