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No Smoking Day
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Hi all today is my last day in month 3 and its hell ive been thinking about cigarettes for the the last couple of weeks even had a dream last night where i smoked a cigarette:eek:.

I Think its because of the changing of seasons i got thorough winter really easy. But now now the winter is gone and the weather is getting better and the dark days are gone, i feel very tempted to have one:eek:

Today ive felt very restless and when i try to settle down and do sometihng i feel like there is something better i could be doing( Strange i know)

I think its also something missing aswell though suppose being out of work is not helping also.*Sigh* And other times feelings can just get so mixed up and you cant figure what the problem is:mad:

lee x

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Hi lee xxx im so with you babe ..the weather i agree i so wanted one too today.keep thinking its just a memory & a thought & nothing more xx promise me..ure doing so well xxx 3 months is wicked.....xxx

Dont forget each memory we get through makes us stronger right? xx i kept saying that to myself today xxx

keep smiling xxx thinkin of u xxx:)


Yeah i suppose your right the memorys has got to be the reason.

Thinking of you also kitkat your doing really well. How you doing hun? you using nrt or cold turkey now?

Lee x

Thanks kitkat its great to hear from you


Hi lee its great to hear you too my ole quit buddie xx Im using nrt on the 7mg patches now the last phase xxx wasnt brave to do CT like you xxx I did read somewhere that 6 months is a turning point in a quit? dunno how true but ill be damned if i dont get there to find out? & you too lee..xx u can let me know first ..deal xxx:D

lv kath xxxx:)



consider it like this. the nicotine demon is playing his last desparate cards to try to win you back to feeding him what he wants.

He's even made you endure the classic smoking dreams... blimey is that all he's got left?

C'mon now, rise above these pathetic games he plays.. see yourself a few months from now revelling in the success of beating his ass :)

Stay strong m8y.. things will improve soon enough they did for me.. just keep the faith some while longer.. you'll see.



Hi Lee haveing same thoughts and feelings but we need to be more focused on other things like exercise is that not right my ittle kittykat LOL only jokibg dont get excited.

Changing seasons is I think like you the reason have spent all morning saying dont do it LOL sounds like its ciggy suicide time but we will always be there for each other so dont give in to that naughty little nicodemon, go dig someones garden for them its a great crave breaker, smell the soil mmmm better than stinky fags xx


Lee, you can do this. Last year I had all the memory triggers like you are having, but this year they are not there, so the good news is once you have gone through them you will not have to keep doing it.



Thanks everyone im feeling abit better today and im going to keep on the smoke free path:D Ive come to far to give give up now

Your right i can beat the memorys and kick the nicotine demons ass!

lee x


Hey Lee,

I had a bottom out at the month 3 stage... keep with it though... its another of those infernal patches and it'll be over before you know it... really and seriously... but when the feeling strikes, its duvet and film time for me... dont fight it, ride with it and its over in a blink....

The sun has been shining beautifully today, and the bleakness of winter is now passing, leaving us with the invogorating thoughts of BBQ's, Holidays, WArm Sun, Beer Gardens, and happy times.... visualise the things that make you happy and soon enough you'll feel the glow babes.



Hi Lee!!

I quit on the same day as you!! And I know your better today, but I was feeling (and still am to some degree) the same as you were. Sunny weather, wanting one, dreaming of smoking, come so far, wanting, one wont kill (!!!) and all that.

But no. I'm not having it. I've made this choice. I'm sticking to it.

STAY FOCUSED LEE, and all your others, WE CAN DO THIS.




Thanks everyone had some really strong desires to smoke yesterday whilst i was out drinking with a pal of mine yesterday...And when i got back home i reached for my inhaler for the first time in 3 months...But this morning feel the craves worse than yesterday...Most likely because i put nicotine back in my body.

I Dont want to smoke and also dont like using NRT because i dont believe its the right way to do it because really im giving up nicotine for nicotine.

Yet today im thinking of using NRT just to get that extra safety that it MIGHT provide whilst i sort my head out. But really unsure on what to do really? But i know im not giving up on my quit i really want to be a pent house resident:D

lee x


Hey Lee xx uve done real well babe..uve come so far ..but at the same time such a short space of time (3 months) for the rest of your life ....Use the NRT if it helps you not smoke..Dont make a big deal of it.... your doing just great ..xxxx :)


This is one big ship .. .and we ain't gonna let it sink!!!

Hey Lee,

It is kind of a relief to hear what you are going through ... although that is no concillation to you I know - so sorry!!

It's just I have actually not really posted on here for a few weeks as I haven't wanted to bring anyone down as you all seemed to be doing so well and I have really been finding it quite tough. I quit Cold Turkey, as you know, but about a week after you and I too have found it quite hellish the past few weeks ... it is the closest I have come to losing my quit and thinking I just have to have a cigarette. It's strange as they aren't even like real cravings - just a sheer bloody minded scream in your head "I WANT ONE"!!!!!. I haven't succumbed but it has been miserable and I even told myself that if i feel like this at 6 months I will start again (that sounds odd but it is quite good bargaining with yourself as it keeps you strong in your quit but takes the pressure off as you secretly hope at 6 months it will be better but your mind relaxes as it thinks it will be ok to smoke then if it's not - don't know if that makes sense but it has kept me going - as i actually don't really want to smoke - i just don't want to feel like this forever.)

I too started the smoking dreams about 10 days ago and they are pretty regular and quit realistic and I was suprised to get them!! But I do hold some hope in the fact that we do seem to be going through some already trodden path and each time we have a new symptom we are getting a step closer to it getting better??? Fingers crossed please!!!

I find Sundays are my edgy days - did the grdening with a bottle of wine on Sunday just to take the edge off - will be a bloody alcoholic at this rate ha ha!!

It has actually given me some faith Lee to know that we are at similar stages in our quit and you are experiencing the same as me because that makes me hope it is another phase/stage - i have been checking regularly on here to see if anyone else felt like this so thanks for giving me some hope.

I truly hope that you feel better soon, that i feel better soon and that we all continue to be strong in our quit.

By the way - I have reached the 12 week mark today!! :p

Take care all - and thanks for being here.



Totally agree with this. No matter how you are feeling and no matter what the mood is on the forum, every single quit is different, its unlikely your quit is going to always be easy to handle and you absolutely must post on here if you find you are struggling.

ESPECIALLY!!!.. if you get to this point:

I have really been finding it quite tough

Rely on the support of the forum, if you have a time of need, post on here.

Support is everything on a quit.



:DThanks everyone and its also great to hear that im not alone in feeling like this at our stage of quit jobiB:D Yes i agree also post no matter how you feel jodi together we can beat this filthy addiction.

I put my inhaler away as it was making me feel really light headed and ill so i know i dont want my inhaler anymore And also know that if i did smoke a cigarette that is exactly how i would feel again.

I went down town today had a look in holland and barrat and brought a pack of herbal cigarettes just to try.Dunno why i did just was spur of the moment at the time. I know they have no nicotine or tobacco but they still have tar which is not good.

To be honest there not that nice either they smell more than normal cigarettes and leave a horible after taste.

I think your right chrissie i think im forgeting something i know i have to train my brain again back to the way i used to think

So i need plenty to read if anyone wants to send me some stuff to read would be great also

Thanks again everyone and well done jase in getting over 9 months quit that is awsome:D

lee x


Hi everyone - Feb quitter here, that's just moved into month 3. Good to read your posts and very grateful for the honesty shown in the past few posts. Ace, the fact that you can get through long stretches without the inhaler is a real plus - I haven't even tried this yet. I'm glad I'm not setting fire to things and dragging all that stuff in, but I'm not ready to drop the puffer. I can't see any point in the herbal stuff particularly as you get the tar and none of the nicotine but you know that already. Maybe it's the 3 month barrier but one thing I am feeling is utterly and absolutely bored, bored, bored! The quit is no longer a new thing, my friends all thing it's a done deal - I've packed up but I'm struggling to fill the time I used to smoke in. I've read and read but I still feel I'm at a loss at times. That's when I do try and read other threads on this forum to try and recapture the buzz I was feeling at 3 weeks. The most important thing I can focus on tonight, is the awful failure I would feel if I had to go back to day 1 again and that keeps me on the straight and narrow. Good luck and I look forward to chatting to all of you who are a month ahead! All the best - Al


You can do this Ace

Hey there Lea.

I seem to remember there was a thing with the 3's mate. 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months etc... I'm sure there is an artical on the 'tales from the quit' web site.

Not to sure if you remember me but we spoke a bit in my early days of quitting. I have managed to hold on to my quit and I'm now only 5 days away from the Penthouse.

There have been loads of hard times along the way but stick with the quit as it will bring you many days of healthy days of smoke free happiness.

Since I have stopped my life style has done a complete 360. I can honestly say I have never felt better. It has been the best decision I have ever made and I will never again regret my decision to quit.

Hang in there mate and I'll keep you a seat in the penthouse :D


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