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No Smoking Day
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Day 4 done!

Hi all,

Just coming to the end of day 4 feeling really good only really had 2 craves all day!!

Feeling very good and my cough seems to have calmed down alot so im very happy! I know its early days and I have been here lots of times but im feeling very strong and hopeing i do it this time I really dont want to go bk!!

Also still reading my Allen Carr book!!

Jo x;)

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Hiya Jo

Im one day in front of you, just finishing day 5 and today has been easier than any of them. Keep at it and be proud of everytime you say no to one.

Well done!

lillie x


Thank you,

Tbh I dont think I have been that bad all the way through Last time I quit for 3 months I found it really easy untill after 3 months I had a weak moment but untill then I was fine. The last few (million) quits I have had I have only lasted a day or to, this time I feel ready to stop I dont want to smoke any more and im enjoying the whole process!! (apart from wanting to eat more!!):D

Strange I know a week ago I didnt think I would be feeling like this from 20 per day to 0 in a day with only a spray and a ecig to play with!!

Thanks again and good luck hope I still feel like this next week!! lol

Jo x


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