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Hello Month 1 !!


Just realised I am into Week 4 today hooray !!

Been to nurse this morning, she thinks I may be suffering from hormonal changes rather than feeling the effects of qutting.

Something to do with my husband telling her how agressive I get on my "off" days? :o

I suppose she's right in a way, not every emotion and sympton is neccessarily due to me quitting, but it's the first thing we blame on a bad day. Think I need to bank that one mentally and use it to my advantage!!

As she pointed out, I still had bad temper days when I was a smoker and I didn't blame smoking for them then, why should I blame quitting now. There is a valid point in there somewhere.

Hope you're all well and having a good day today !


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Great job Pip!

You'll be in the penthouse in no time at all :) Keep it up!


Hey Pip

Wd you got this licked!

Umm err Alex wtf is the "Penthouse"? everyone keeps talking about it!

Well done Pip - you are doing fantastically.

Huh - it's always the hormones, isn't it? (*Slugs back an extra dose of her HRT*)

Well done Pip for getting to Week 4:D

Absolutely brilliant:D

Erm, I would like to know what the Penthouse is too??


The Penthouse is where you 'go' in the forum after 12 months smoke-free. That's the rumour anyway, I've still got a while before I truly find out... :p

Is there a sauna and jacuzzi ?

after twelve months of hell there better be!

OH and free alcohol!

Hmmm wonder if we get welcomed in with a complimentry "Cigar" ROTFL

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