One whole month finished

So this is 32 days without smoking! And another "something new" this morning. A checkup at the dentist without feeling guilty for giving her a fag smelling mouth to poke around in!

In all my previous quit attempts, there always seems to have been 1 day in a full month where there's either been a party, or a drunken moment, or a "special occassion" that led to a smoke, so it feels different this time that I can say "one full month with nothing"!

Keep it up all!

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  • Well done, Barney!

    I quit around the same time as you and the app on my phone tells me that I have saved £218 by not smoking 670 ciggies! :)

  • What app is it you use? I have "MLC" (my last cigarette). Find it very good

  • Just a thought Barney, did the dentist notice any improvement in your teeth?


  • Well, there was nothing to do except a clean, which didn't seem to take as long as usual. So maybe..

    But I wouldn't like to claim any bonus there from a month smoke free.. :)

  • Well done Barney.

    Keep it up !!

  • What app is it you use? I have "MLC" (my last cigarette). Find it very good

    I've got "QuitNow" on Android - it is just data and progress bars, but I like numbers so it suits me nicely!

  • Great job Barney - you are doing really well.

    I love the saying "one full month with nothing"! The more you think about it, the more elegant and expressive it is!

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