One Whole Month

Wow - in 10 hours it'll be a whole month since my last smoke and it feels awesome :D

It's not always been easy, but with the right attitude and a sense of humour, it doesn't have to be too hard either.

I just went for a game of squash before lunch and have to say I've never felt soooooo good - still lost though :mad:, but boy do I feel alive today. :cool:

Stay committed everyone.....

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  • Fantastic

    Well done Chris

    I am just a few hours behind you.

    Onwards and upwards :D

  • Well done, keep going.

    I would have to argue with you about the "doesn't have to be too hard bit", but that's just my experience.

  • Congratulations! You're well on the way to a smoker free nice. You sound in good spirits.

  • Thanks...

    Cheers for the comments Steph & Ellie.

    Cando - i know you've had a tough time, but here's a better 2nd month. Hope you've forgiven yourself & brushed your teeth today? :D

    Take care and stick with it...

  • Yahooooooooooooooooo,

    Well done Chris, who cares about the squash match, game thingy :eek:

    Month 2, here you come :D

    gaynor xx

  • Well done Chris and Steph - Chris, am sure your game will improve soon!

    Lottie x

  • Well done, glad you are feeling so well. The time has just started flying by for me~

    It's funny, but I feel pretty 'normal' now, whatever that means. Still get a crave now and then, but nothing that I can't handle.

  • Yipee Chris, fantastic! You sound so positive, an inspiration :)

    Catherine xx

  • Well done m8 yer doing well good. Keep it up! :)

  • Huge well done to you Chris, you celebrate each and every milestone of your quit, you deserve to :)

    Keep on going, its good now, but it gets so much better further in.


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