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Day 11 and feeling great


First, hi to all and sundry, this is my first post on this forum and this is where i am at!

Basically 11 days ago i had a strong palpitation which put the fear into me. At the time panic was high and i immediately vsited the doc for a diagnosis. ECG and blood tests proved nothing evidently wrong from these tests. After some self research into the subject, i found caffeine and nicotine are likely causes of these tachycardia episodes, as well as stress and anxiety. Looking into my life at the time, things were building up a bit, and i wasn't coping too well! I'm putting the episode down to this.

However, during the panic stage, i decided flat to stop smoking. I haven't had one since (aside one which i had late at night after a night out on the 3rd day, and threw away as soon as i'd taken two or three puffs, it was orrid!). I have a heart scan in a couple of days, by an expert in the field, to see if there is any abnormality in my heart. I'm apprehensive and excited to have this done, knowledge is better than the unknown!

Well, i'm 22, smoked for 6 years, and have been on the wagon solid for 11 days. I feel better, don't smell, and am getting through the cravings with deep breathing. I quit cold turkey - i believe that if ou want to quit, you have to get rid of nicotene full stop from your body, as quickly as possible. This is my method, i understand others are different!

Anyway, will probably update this post when i find out more in a couple of days. Good luck to all those in the same boat. I have to say, it is a wonderful journey - every day gets better and better. My favourite thing so far has been smelling winter again, you know that wintery smell? I can't wait for other smells i can only remember!!

X :D

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Hi there Greenbyname

You've made a good decision and certainly seem to be feeling stronger than me - I'm also day 11. Hope everything goes well with your heart scan, a 22 yr old with palpitations, smoker or not, should be thoroughly investigated. I'm sure I couldn't quit cold turkey, but then I'm over 30 yrs older and have smoked for 34 yrs more than you so am patched and chewing!

Good luck to you - stay strong. If you have any leftover strength, throw it in my direction!

Thanks for your kind words folks :)

Day 13 and i've got an horrible sore throat, feeling yuck at the moment. Still i've got the lockets and lemsip by my side to get me thru work :)

Boudee - how do you cope with them daily?? Maybe because it was my first, it seemed awful. I couldn't cope having them all the time. That's the main reason why i quit to be honest!

linlin - keep strong, keep your goal in the front of your mind and don't let them take hold again, it's working for me so far :)

callumsgran - poor you, it is horrible isn't it when these things happen because of smoking, it gives you a much better chance of quitting though, do you want to go through that again? no me neither :) stay focused.

well i'll keep progress updated when i see doctor today.

Cool i'll remember that if they happen again :)

Well the heart scan went ok, no apparent problems, nothing to worry about. although i will have to wait 3 weeks for the second opinion from the cardiologist.

plus, i've hit day 14!!! :D almost into 3 week territory here!!

sore throat immense now, i'm coughing up loads of horrible phlegm, oh well i'm sticking at it thats the important thing!

Oh! well done GReen. you realy have done so well, so many fail long before now. Your a strong person i can tell, you know your all done with the weed now and are a superstar. stay strong it only gets easyer from now on. x

very relieved you do not believe! :eek: :D

had a nice day today, out and about doing site visits, had a lovely all paid for lunch too that has kept me going!

however, had a hick up when i got back. cor blimey i fancied a fag. didn't give in however, even tho the temptation lasted about 15 minutes! :eek:

feel glad i didn't give in, but i reckon these little situations are going to crop up every now and again. eating a boiled sweet to get some sugar in me that'll hopefully stop the craving. :)

damn these cigarettes are nasty things - i'm tempted to buy a packet just so i can destroy them!

I had such a bad pulpitation once I actually passed out, on the bus, and the bus driver had to stop and call an ambulance ! It was most embarrasing. That was a few years back and I still smoked :mad: Its amazing what we do to ourselves for these damn things.

Word of warning Green, now everything checks out ok for you heart wise (which is great of course), don't make it an excuse to start smoking again now ! I've fallen into that trap too many times to remember. I have a scare, give up smoking, get better and because I'm so relieved I'm better I have a ciggy !!! It sounds silly I know but I've done that so many times !

All the best, I'm sure you can do it.

I'm on day 9 so far but using the NRT patches. Still finding it difficult though

I thought i'd update my first post with some news.

Ive had copious tests on my heart, so far there are no abnormalities.

Looking back at my life 5 weeks ago, it was rather frenetic, unorganised, busy and full of fags and stress. I think the stress caused my problems.

But, i'm kind of glad i got my wake up call. Some people need a kick up the bottom to get their life in gear, this certainly happened for me. 5 weeks ish into my quit, with only two slip ups, and i'm still smoke free.

The difference is night and day. It really is like walking out of a long prison sentence. Freedom is the way forward!

I've turned into a bit of an evangelist also, im not ashamed to admit this. I feel this gives me two benefits; keeps my mind active about how BAD smoking is to your health, and stops me becoming complacent. It does annoy my mate though, he still smokes, he has actually set a quit date and i'm going to make sure he sticks to it! :D

I'm just so glad i got this far. I hope others can follow in my footsteps. It is the way forward!

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