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Day 1 and 4 Hrs in

Hi all, decided to quit today, which I did from 11am this morning, my hubby quit 21 days ago (cold turkey) and believe me, if he can do it, so can I :).

I have been reading the postings on the forum as Gary has gone through his quit, day by day, and it has helped him tremendously.

I am so proud of him. Now it is my turn....wish me well on my u babes

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When I quit it is a decision I made, I have not asked you to quit or made a scene.

I am sooo happy that you have made this decision on your OWN and I will support you EVERY STEP of the WAY.

I love you MORE and am very very proud of you !

Stay Strong and use this forum it's what got me through the worst!


Hi guys:D

I am so excited to read that you are going to quit together its really made my day:D

Gail, you not only have Gary but you have all of us on this forum to support you - it really works!! Post on here all the time cos it got me through my worst crisis and I am having a great day today!! Once the physical withdrawal has gone (48-72 hours) it does get easier. An then you start to feel so proud of yourself!!

Wishing you all the best in the world:D

Zoe (on Day 17, me??) and its awesome!!


Well done Gail for deciding to quit. I have found the posts on here a great incentive for me and when I wanted a smoke I would look on here until the feeling passed. I'm sure with Gary by your side, and encouraging each other you will be fine. Good luck.:)


Hi 17 days in, well done...can't wait to get there myself...trying to keep myself I don't think to much about smoking. My day actually has not been to bad..I think is is because I had smoked already until 11 this morning..not sure. Will see what happens later tonight and tomorrow is what worries me. My boss chain smokes and is the devil in I am in for a hell of a day tomorrow.



Don't worry about your boss .... have a sniff of him and see how bad he stinks, you will prob be starting to notice by tomorrow:eek:

My boss chain smokes and is the devil in I am in for a hell of a day tomorrow

And he may well be the devil in disguise .... but very soon YOU will be the Angel and not in disguise either, you will smell so clean and fresh and be loving it!! So stay strong, and keep posting on here. It is the other members who got me this far and I am so proud of them for doing it. They are all fab:cool:

Take care now Gail, we are all rooting for you:)



Aww yey this is great! Well done...i used the why quit aite along with my cold turkey, watching the videos each day really helped.


Welcome Gail - this is really nice having the two of you involved.

Must admit, I haven't shared this site with my husband (who is also quitting). Think I needed somewhere that I could vent without him. And of course, if we got too grumpy and fell out, I wouldn't want all of you guys to have to choose!!!! :D

Best of luck


Thank you all so much for the encouragement.....must admit i am struggling a bit I think I will just go to bed.....let you all know tomorrow how i made it through my first 24 hours...


must admit Gail for the first couple of days I found it easier to go to bed earlier then when I woke the following morning I was full of determination again. Stick with it, you can do it.


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