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No Smoking Day

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Day 28 - 4 weeks - 1 Lunar month

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Today is day 28 of my quit - at the end of it, I will have done 4 weeks


Feeling really good too - hope everyone else is having a good day so far.

*does a little dance*

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YAY!!! well done you!!! fantastic achievement keep it up x

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Stuart,

Monday will mark the calendar month!!

No looking back now!



Keep on going Stuart (got to keep up those muscle growths for Mrs StuartH;):D). Well done, you can start speaking in months instead of weeks now. What an achievement. xxx

well done Stuart.

You seem to have this quit well under control, without being complacent about it. A good place to be>

Good for you Stuart.

Thanks all, I feel so happy to have got this far - and very positive about the quit going forwards :D

keep it up!

Not a problem ;)

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

keep it up

Not a problem ;)

That'll be the increased circulation mate :D:D

That'll be the increased circulation mate :D:D

Makes you wonder why they keep that particular benefit to themselves, doesn't it? I never knew about that as a benefit until I really researched this quit - after I had actually started it! I knew it "could cause impotence" but I never suffered from that. I knew it "could damage sperm", but I became a father 2 years ago - so no problem there... at least yet.

If teenage boys and guys in their 20's knew that stopping smoking would make a guy randier (I don't know if I can use stronger language than that) than a really randy randy thing on heat and give you the energy and the capability to go longer and better than ever before.... how many do you think would try to quit?

For a guy my age who has compensated for the damage smoking has done for over 18 years (since I became active) the difference is astonishing.. Mrs StuartH has certainly noticed!

Lets be graphic for any young guys reading.

More bloodflow into and staying in the important area = bigger and firmer.

More stamina = longer

More energy = better

All that, and the lack of smell and better skin makes you more attractive too.


They should put on the packs - Stopping smoking will make you more attractive to others, and makes men better lovers.

Thats gonna do more than "smoking increases the risk of lung cancer" - EVERYONE already knows that one.

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Its no secret, this poster sums it up rather well too! ;)

Well done stu you must be over the moon with what you have done keep up the good work

Well done Stu.

You are really a top quitter 4 weeks fab going. xxxxxx

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