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Double Figures

10 days 11 hours and feeling great the Champix its doing a great job.

I went out for the day yesterday and it involved a 90 minute car journey each way normally once arrived at the destination and I was out of the car I would smoke 2 cigarettes immediately! No problem yesterday and neither was it necessary to leave the building to have a smoke.

So all in all I am delighted Its also easier to walk without pain so I assume my circulation is improving wish really pleases me, because I don't want to LOSE MY LEG

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Hi Viv and well done:D

It does feel good to get into double figures doesn't it? Glad your circulation is improving:cool: One of my reasons for quitting was because my left foot kept going numb and it felt worse whenever I smoked. It still took me nearly a year to try and do anything about it though:rolleyes: It isn't completely better yet but I am noticing some improvement now.

So keep going and stay strong.



doing great :)

Well done Viv.

I know how it feels cause circulation became a problem for me as well but now in combination with some exercises I think I'm doing good.

As for me, if depression and the feeling of being hungry all the time would not exist this would be perfect. However I truly hope that this is only temporarily and beautiful days are approaching.

Stay healthy and strong. Good luck to all of us :D :D :D


Jana I wish I could feel hungry all the time:eek: Have very poor appetite at the mo, reckon it is the Champix. Threw it up this am as well, NOT a good start to my day. BUT no craving so far:D So will keep on keeping on, can't believe I am into week 3. Miracles do happen.



Well done Viv - 10 days gives you a bit of confidence, doesn't it?

Really glad to hear that your circulation seems to be improving already. One of the things I have found with Champix (or is it just quitting?) is that different symptoms come and go over time. About a month and a half after quitting, I started getting really bad aches and pains in my legs, which went on for a few weeks. Just telling you this so you don't panic if you get anything similar!!!

Wishing you all the best, but it sounds as if you are doing a great job.


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