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My day 1 nearly done my story

Well day 15 on champix and day 1 not smoking finally!! The last week i went down from 30 a day to 3 and now zero,i honestly thought this day would never happen,and im determined not to start again, i cant its just too hard,i know ive a long way to go but i know i can do it,reading everyones posts on her has really helped me and i hope i can do the same for other people so heres my story.......

Im not a particularly strong person so stopping smoking scared the hell out of me i quit 2 years ago for 2 week and started again,it was a knightmare,i was a knightmare seriously my friends begged me to smoke again i was that bad,since that day i smoked again i knew one day id have to give up.

When i heard about champix it seemed like a magic pill,until the storys came out and then i was just too scraed to try until a few months ago i saw someone close to me get quite ill because of smoking and i thought just stop ,but then if i couldnt do it why should they, then i decided to go for it try the champix its my last chance.

I have been pleasantly suprized by it , but everyone is different and every side effect i have i talk through with my doctor.

Day 12 on champix i decided to stop, i was sick of waiting for my morning cig to be awfull but i was still enjoyiong it, not any other cig but just that one, i gave myself such a hard time and by the time it got to day 13 my appointment at the smoking clinic i just knew they wernt gonna work for me.... I WAS WRONG ,the nurse told me to keep going ,so i did.

The next morning i got up had my cig and it was awfull i was so relieved, i had 2 more that day ,dont know why just talked myself into wanting one i guess.

TODAY smoke free day 1 ,it honestly didnt bother me as much as id thought ,yeah im thinking about it all the time but i keep saying to myself,well done you didnt have that 1 after dinner, or the 1 after putting the baby to bed ,im so proud of myself and proud to be here with you guys on day 1.

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well done on getting through day 1 :D Enjoyed reading your post so will look out for one in Day 2 tomorrow, just keep telling yourself you can do this:)


Well done and good luck with the following days and months :)


well done mrswillis

the bit u said ' well done you didnt have that 1 after dinner, or the 1 after putting the baby to bed ' thats wat you need to do take it a bit at a time dont look to far ahead otherwise its to much to take in

you are doing great and i can see u want this so so bad like its your last chance thats exactly how i felt it was now or never that attitude keeps u strong


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