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day 4 my story

Wow day 4 that actually has come round quick,still woke up this morning wanting a cig, but had a coffee and came on here instead.

Took time this morning to pamper myself a little ,do my hair and make up which i often dont get time to every morning with 3 kids, just been to school to make things with my son ,and for the first time really enjoyed it and didnt think hurry up i want to get out for a fag , of course when i got outside and realised this i really wanted one but its not as strong a feeling as it was yesterday.

ive got 2 poorly kids at home to look after today so im sure that will keep me busy.

Feeling a little better today but ive got an awful sore throught,a cough and some slight tightening in my chest, sometimes its like i forget to breathe properly,but im drinking water and taking my vitamins,think i may take the dog for a walk .

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Well done mrswills on getting to Day 4:D its a brilliant feeling isn't it?

i really wanted one but its not as strong a feeling as it was yesterday.

See, it does get better!! And very soon now you will have whole days when you don't want to smoke, there will be thoughts of a smoke, even some difficult times, but you will know how to deal with and get through them.

So glad things are going well for you:D



so ashamed

Well what can i say back to day 1 for me i guess,during the last few nights i have been having palputations and feeling panacky but just pushed it tothe back of my mind,ive suffered anxiety attacks before and i didnt want to go back to that feeling ,but then at 1pm today ,i was convinced i was having a heatr attack, i didnt know if it was nicotine withdrawal or the champix or what ,at 3pm igave in and had a cig,im so sorry everyone and i know ive let myself down most of all.

Ive been to see my nurse and she has told me to stop taking the tablets immidietly, she has given me something to calm down and im starting to feel a little better.

1 dam cig and im back to square 1 ,it was awfull i enjoyed it for about 30 seconds and now on top of everything i have an awful taste in my mouth,and feel so ashamed,but ill be back tomorrow on day 1,maybe it was just a lesson i needed to learn.


Aw so sorry mrswills. I have been having a lot of panic attacks lately too and don't know if it is the Champix or nicotine withdrawal. So don't worry. You will find the right way for you soon and you know you have the motivation, so don't give up giving up.

Wishing you all the best,

Zoe xx


So sorry about that Mrs W - I can imagine how disappointed you must be feeling right now.

But all is not necessarily lost! Having made it to day 4, and if you have kept it to only one fag, I would say just carry on. You have done the hardest bit, so if you can keep going from here, it's worth giving it a shot. What's to lose?

Either way, don't feel too bad. Every quit is a learning experience. Good luck.


thanks guys ,i have no intention of having another ever,just feel bad i got all that horrible nicotine out of my system and ruined it all with 1 bad moment,anyway i havnt had 1 since so can i count today as day 1 lol?


Reckon you can mrswills, you won't go through full blown withdrawal again just from one cig. Hope you feel more relaxed now:)




Hmm. Depends on what will motivate/demotivate you most.

Personally, one stupid ciggie in four days, I would stick on day four! Some purists may disagree, but if you think how much nicotine you would have consumed usually in four days, then this is almost nothing!


thanks mrs t ,and zoe,im feeling a bit better now ,just about managed to get the taste out of my mouth,but feeling a lot more hopefull,so bring on the next 5 days!and the rest of my smoke free life .


Hi there,

Just read your post and thought I'd share my experience about Champix.

Me and my OH both started Champix but I had terrible side effects. Like you I was having palpitations and thought I was going to have a heart attack. Also it affected my vision so I couldn't see properly either. It was on the whole a very scary experience. I was soooo dissapointed that I couldn't take this wonder drug but the nurse told me to stop taking it immediately. I waited another two weeks till my OH reached his quit date on Champix and I started the patches instead. Although he didn't have severe side effects I think I probably have an easier ride on the patches than he did. Sleepless nights, lack of concentration and agressiveness all amounted to him stopping the tablets after 4 wks. He's just going now on willpower but is grateful Champix got him throught the first 2 weeks.

I don't think Champix suits everyone and it did get me in a bit of a state with my quit, but at least you have got straight back on the horse with your quit, it's good to keep the momentum going when you have made the decision to stop.

Well done for keeping going after your awful experience, and congratulations on how far you have come.



Hello Mrs Wills

You've been really supportive to me and I just want to wish you lots of luck on your continued quit (It was just a blip!)

You seem like a very determined lady and I think you'll do it!

Be kind to yourself.



thanks pip still feeling weird this morning but i dont want a fag,1st day i havnt wanted 1 in a morning,how long after stopping the champix did you feel normal again?


Hi Mrs W

I remember being "off" for about a week after the Champix but I didn't take that many. My OH took it for 4 weeks and after two weeks off it he's still coming down to earth slowly. I likened it to Alzheimers, I was having conversations with him and he had no recollection of them whatsoever. Perhaps I should have used the opportunity to spend loads of money and inform him he sanctioned it during his Champix phase heehee!! :D

Hope you're doing okay today !



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