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No Smoking Day
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I am an idiot LOL!!

I originally posted this in Day 3, not Week 3 doh!! Can't believe I did that!! Just goes to show my brain isn't back to full function yet but it will come.

Wow oh wow I have just completed Week 2 of operation NOSMO KING Don't know whether to laugh, cry or what to do!! Can't believe it. Me????

Anyways, I have an ice-cream in the freezer that I have been saving for today, and now I am allowed to eat it, yum haha. (Almond Magnum!!) AND gonna eat loads today heehee.

Can't believe I nearly through it all away yesterday just because of a stupid craving. Champix is all very well, but what saved me was all the support I got on this forum, not some stupid pill. I will never be able to thank you all enough for the help you gave me last night, but my gratitude is HUGE and big HUGS to all of you. Wish you were all here with me so we could have a party, but I know you are with me in spirit, so lets get this party started Longest I quit since I started smoking many, many years ago.

Can I feel proud of myself now?? I know there are pitfalls ahead and I will have difficult days, but just for today I am feeling groovy!!

Love to all,


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Wow Zoe !

Reading this brought tears of joy to me :)

I litterlay jumped up punched the AIR and shouted "YES"!

I can not tell you how happy I am that WE were able to help!

It amazes me, how when one of us is down how the others rally to our aid!

To you and everyone on this forum TY and I am so glad we are here for each other!

God Bless to all of You and your Families and have a wonderfull weekend.


Can't believe this is the same person as yesterday:D

well maybe I can if you posted on Day 3 by mistake;)

Well done zoe!!


Well doe Zoe !!


So thanks Gary and I can't believe I done 2 weeks yaaaay!!!!

Wow Zoe !

Reading this brought tears of joy to me

I litterlay jumped up punched the AIR and shouted "YES"!

Wow Gary did you really pump the air and think awesome for me?? I promise I will do the same for you as well, isn't it great?? So good to be not smoking - WOW ITS WELL COOL!!

And oh the joys of not stinking, coughing and the rest.

Today not smoking is pleasure!!

Zoe xx


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