No Smoking Day
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Start of Week 3

Really didn't think I would make it this far but I have. I completed 2 weeks last night and feel great. Thanks to all the people who post on here - when I am feeling edgy I just look at some of the posts and soon get the inspiration to continue. Starting to feel really positive and think of myself as an ex-smoker rather than someone who is trying to quit.

One of the best things for me is when my husband who quit 25 years ago tells me in passing that I smell nice:D Must have been like living with an old ashtray under his nose before but he never complained bless him.

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WD Claire

Keep it up my OH is still smoking :( when she lites up, it smells nice, BUT when i get home from work she stinks of stale cigerette smoke, strange that I enjoy the smell of a freshly lit smoke but find that a "smoker" stinks ?

anyway soo yes you proberbly smell wonderfull keep it up!


Well done Claire !

I know exactly what you mean about feeling like an ex-smoker. I had a tant at my OH this morning as he was annoying me (tetchy due to his own quit) and I actually said to him:

I don't smoke, I have given up, go away and stop annoying me, you will not wind me up into failing so that you can justify failing, I WILL NOT SMOKE AGAIN EVER !!

Woo, go me...didn't think I had it in me!! Neither did he I think ;)

It's great to feel that way about it now though after all the hard work isn't it.



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