hello from an oldie n back again

hiya everyone..well its been oooow march 2010 was last time i was here. have had several quit attempts since and failed, i tried champix and loved those tablets i smoked right through them.

so here i am again...

I have a new baby and she has made me determined to quit!! This time i feel so more positive than i have any other time.

So, hello again, this time i am here to stay!! :D

Nikki x

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  • Hi Nikki

    Welcome back, good luck this time.....

  • Never mind. You are more stronger and

    willing this time.you will do it, my friend.

  • Nikki

    Eistiens definition of insanity is "doing the same things' the same way and expecting differant results"

    In quiting I found not smoking is only half the battle, one need's a dramatic change of life style!

    Try identify the things that result in your "Quit" failing and ERADICATE them!

    Congrats on the Baba!

    Stay strong !!!

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