No Smoking Day
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Day 17!

And another weekend out of the way.

I got offered my first ciggie last night by family friends, over for dinner. Was a little tough saying no, especially as it was one of those "social, solitary cigarettes" instead of a whole night of smoking.. But I managed to get past without having one!!

Can really feel how much extra breath I have now. I ran 10k yesterday and knocked 4 minutes off my personal best time! I was amazed how much energy I still had after 40 mins of running! Should have done this years ago!

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Well done Barney! Glad you are feeling the benefits - that will help to keep your motivation up.


Well done Barney making it to day 17.

Its such an achievemant :D


Way to go barney.

Congrats on passing on the smoke...i'm sure it was no easy feat.



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