Day 2 - But worst sleep ever !

Heh all,

So I have made it to day 2 but had a really crazy night sleep. I think I was thinking about cigarettes all nights.

I know it sounds bizzarre - but that's what happened. I hope I can get back to some regular sleep soon.

Feeling quite angsty today - feel like I need to go for a run or a long bike ride.

Hah if only I did sports :)

I hope the withdrawal gets easier


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  • LonelyMe

    well done getting to day 2. It will get easier :)

  • I hope the withdrawal gets easier


    Try and give it a go and it will get better, you're losing something that told you it was your friend. Soon it will be just a memory, then you'll be free of the slavery of nicotine. Keep it up, hopefully this will be the last time you have to go through all this. David

  • Don't have to be in to sports! Maybe go for a long walk! Seriously doing something like that will trigger all the good chemicals in your body. Exercise has played a big part in my quit, can really mKe you feel better.

  • Well Done getting into day 2.

    Me and my OH went for a run (well run a bit, walk a bit ;)) at the weekend. I haven't jogged for uh hum years. When I have attempted before I had terrible pain in my shins and I was so out of breath I thought I would die.

    Wow how good did we feel when we did 2 miles and felt fine. No coughing our guts up, no wheezing, no tight chest, no feeling like our heads were going to explode. Just feeling good. :)

    Give it a try you may be surprised.


  • I swear to you it gets easier and easier and easier. It gets so easy its not even....ooooo a butterfly. Yes even something as simple like that will distract you from it.

    Hold strong, keep strong. I know you can do it. These days are hard but think of these like the tempering of the soul. It has to be fired and quenched and hammer and drawn and in the end you will be one helluva strong person.

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