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Day 2 and sleep?

YES made it to day two :cool:

Strange though, day 1, i went to bed at 7;45 which is very very early and actually fell asleep! Then i woke up at 10 thinking of a smoke, went back to sleep, woke up at 2;30am:eek: thinking of smoking AGAIN and fi9nally i woke at 6am where i decided to get up and eat.

Ididn't realise the cravings get you when youre sleeping too :eek: thats so unfair lol.

Do i be brave and attempt a jog today or not?

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Sure - little jog, nice and slow! your own pace and no faster. plan a short route

give it a go!

when you've done - think about how long it took and how you feel!

then do the same in two days time

i'll put money on you feeling better or having done more/faster.

Oh and before i forget day 2 for me as well :)

Well done Us!


Hi Andy

Iwill feel puffed and choke most of the time i expect. My route will be straight to the horses via the moor's where i won't be seen. OMG me running? haven't done that in 5 years ooh.. thats how long i smoked.

Onwards and upwards day 2ers


Day 2 is ideal for a run, the Co2 is mainly gone and all those extra red blood cells are available for your use, they give you a huge if short term performance boost :)


Welcome to the day 2 room, good to see you here. I presume you are running/jogging right now, good for you. Let us know how you get on.

(see Bev drinking tea in PJ's)


Good to see you on day two! Sleeplessness can be a side effect of quitting, but it does go away quite quickly. Jogging sounds a good idea!


Day 2 - how exciting:D Seems like we are all of the same mind, quit smoking and take up running (don't think I have run since school!!)

Good luck today everyone, one day at a time:)


ok im jealous now lol

well done on getting to day 2..... i too was going to carry on with my running when i quit but not been able to go running for weeks, i had a nasty chest infection before and during my first 2 weeks quit, but i am sooooooo going to go for a run in the next couple of days seeing as i can now breath, good luck with your jogging/running you will feel so much better for it im sure xx


Hi Fa, going for a run was my plan for today on my 2nd day of quitting

Unfortunately I seem to have picked up a throat infection, so I'm trying to fight

that off as well as the nicotine withdrawls

I'm the same regarding sleep went to bed about 11pm ( early for me ) and got up at 7, felt a bit crappy; however I think that's the throat infection

However I'm looking forward to another day of being smoke free, all the best for everyone today; we can all do it together!



I'm back! :AND YES I DID GO RUNNING , sorry in caps because i can't believe myself! I hovered around the house in my running gear thinking whether to back out of it lol Then i just got on with it.

Ran, jogged and lots of walking but no stopping! After about 15 minutes i arrived at my horses field where i fed them, did two poo barrows (horsey term) then made my way home again, did 30 sit ups, showered and here i am. :p

No cravings yet today which is odd. Oh no... i have to keep busy.:(


vv impressed fallen angel:)


Well...... I'm feeling fabulous. I can breathe so so much better already, i know i must smell better, I am frantically cleaning my house, not to keep me busy but to get rid of the stale smell. Ew...yuk... and i am such a clean and tidy person who likes to light oil burners etc etc so it came as a shock today when i walked inmy own front door to smell this evil 'baccy' smell.

I'd always smoked outside accept from when the kids went to bed i'd smoke in my living room thinking the smoke smell would just go. :rolleyes: Well obviously i was VERY VERY VERY wrong, coz i haven't smoked since tues eve yet i can smell fags for the first time in my house!!!!!

I walked in and thought 'poor kiddies' so i asked them (age 12,10,8) if they could smell anything and they replied 'yes mum it always smells like this only usually worse' :eek: They go on to remind me what a shite mother i was....

'this is what we have to put up with every day' 'we never liked you smoking' 'you won't smoke again will you mummy'..........

Well right now i could just spark up and the world can just ****off. :p But don't worry i won 't do it.

I enjoy the new non smoking me but do i miss my beautiful ritual of rolling the GV? yes i do, smoking IS sexy in a way and i miss it but i won't be beaten. Maybe day 2 is trying me out!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to rug my baby horsies before thwy get cold then coooooook!!!!:cool:


Just reporting back to my day two.:)

Started well, ended grumpy. Obviously less sleep tonight then.

Be day 3 tomorrow. Yay! :D


Hi fallen angel, well done on day 2 :D

Kids, always honest hey LOL. Thing is as a smoker we know all these things we just choose to ignore them I think. I very much doubt you are a shite mother though LOL.

You are doing the greatest thing for your children & yourself. There is no better gift than life :D

My son smoked & gave up when he had my grandaughter & recently said he gave up for her, simple. No choice, no argument. Guess that made me feel like a shit mother actually :( 3 tomorrow hun, my day 19. You can do this. Don't end up like me. Wheezing & struggling for breath with COPD. Age is no barrier for therse things.

Can I have one of your baby horses??????:;)

Gaynor xxx


^Thanks Gaynor^



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