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Nearly 8 months and having the blues !!!!!!

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Hi all

Well i am nearly at the 8 month milestone and all i keep thinking about is cigs.

I have come very close these 6 weeks hols to buying some but resisted and walked past the counter.

I really just want the cravings and thoughs to do one and let me get on with things but they are taking over my mind lol.

Well sorry for the rant but feel a bot better now. I dont really want one at all well i think i dont....

Fingers crossed i dont do a silly thing xxx

5 Replies

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There's nothing better than feeling a bot better :p

I can't relate on this occasion to thinking about them, I managed to just switch that thing off. Mostly (I think) as I just decided was it, I didn't quit, just stopped. As a non smoker there's no need for that one as I don't smoke. Also I just ensured I was also busy....ALWAYS.

keep on going.....would be terrible to chuck in the towel we'd all just lob it back atcha


Hi Emma,

I've just gone through exactly the same, don't think i'm the only one that's gone through it around that time too.

Have a look here....

Not long after posting the above i came through it and am a lot happier now............... keep strong Emma as it will pass.


Yes There's nothing better than feeling a bot better


Hang on in there, Emma. You have done so well to get to the eight months mark. The school holidays are coming to an end, and life can get back to normal in a lovely, no smoky kind of way.


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