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8 blooming lovely months!


Evening all :D

Well, I never thought I would ever get to the point where I would be posting I had quit for this long.

After so many failed attempts at long last I have gone and done it ;)

Never give up hope people, don't think you will never find a quit that sticks. I am living proof that you should neverstoptrying ;)

This quit is for me but also for you Davofgy. You always believed in me my friend and I thank you for that.

Keep going my friends, life is good without those nasty death sticks :D

Gaynor xx

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Well done lass, this is definitely the 'one'. Appropriately, Neverstoptrying!

Fi x

Thanks Fi,

I have to say I am jumping up and down happy at the moment :p

Gaynor x


Hi never stop trying, nice to meet you and geez ur post just gives me hope :-) my quit is going pretty smoothly but I've been getting a few niggling oh I fancy a fag moments! More so than before! But I'm here for the long haul and ur post will help me bat away those niggling thoughts! that 'one fag' will only be my downfall. And I've tried to quit enough times to know that. So thanks for making it clear or reminding me it is possible!

Congratulations and long may ur smoke free life continue!


Thank you Sarah,

I get the odd niggles as well but they are just fleeting little thoughts now. I just breathe through them and they go as quick as they came :D As you rightly say, we all know where the 'just one' takes us. There is no such thing. To be honest the thought of having a cigarette now makes me feel ill. I know had bad it is going to taste and how bad it will make me feel so it is not an option in my life anymore.

You hang on to your quit with all your might. There is nothing in this world worth losing it for and a cigarette will NEVER make anything better.

Keep on keeping on Sarah.

G x

I am so pleased for you, there must have been times when you did want to stop trying, and I am sure that it all feels worth it now.

Thank you mrsm,

It never crossed my mind that I would ever stop trying to quit, my health depended on it in fact.

I did think I was never going to get a quit that lasted. There was always something. I have failed for many a reason including the death of close family members twice which is tough lets face it. I regretted starting again so much. As I said before, nothing is worth losing a quit over.

G x

May 2012. What a vintage month that was Gaynor. Well done me ol' mucker.....its bloody great to be where we are. Funny.....I remember thinking then that I was MILES ahead of you.....I suppose back at the start 5 days in the world of smokey quits seemed like a life time. God I'm happy for us. Much love lass. Dippy x :)

Well done to you as well Dippy. Five days IS a long time at the start of a quit ;) Not long till we reach the penthouse. Time will fly I am sure.

How's that lovely shiny bike of yours?

G x

Huge congratulations to both of you Dippy Egg and Neverstoptrying!

I'll be so proud of myself when I get to 8 months which will be in May just after you two are at the Penthouse bar toasting one another :D

Molly x

Molls. Thankyou. I love that there is no 'if' in your post....just 'when'......and what a fine time May will be to reach your 8 month marker. Keep up the excellent excellence.

Gaynor. My bike is as shiney as the day I bought her. I keep her in the hall....all safe from the weather. Never did I ever let my kids keep their bikes indoors. (we have a car port) My eldest lass said the other week....'hmmmmm, look at mam thinking she's above the law with her bike in the hall and all that' Heh heh.......its time she realised I AM THE LAW in this house :) Love my bike, love my kids, love all of you lot, love that I found this forum without which I never would have stopped......and LOVE my lungs and my smoke-free life. :)

What a lovely Thread Of Positivity.

Huge congratulations, Gaynor - and you, Dippy - on a successful quit. The penthouse, and a happy smoke free life, is yours for the taking.

God, I'm on reception today at work and a smoker just came in from their fag break as I was typing that and wafted past me, absolutely reeking, it made me feel sick. Why would we EVER want to go back to that, eh?



Thanks Hels :D

I know what you mean about the smell. The chap opposite me at work absolutely reeks when he comes back. Christ knows what he smokes. The lad behind smokes but I can never smell it on him. As for the other one - yuk. Sometimes it mingles with very strong BO :eek:

So glad we don't whiff like that anymore ;)

G xx

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