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No Smoking Day
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8 months

Phew, there we go 8 months done, and I'm feeling good!!

Ready for the party tomorrow boys?

I remember when I was a few weeks in and looking at people posting 8 or 9 months and thinking God I wish I could just jump to that place, and by choosing not to smoke everyday I have!!

The old ones are still the best "if I can, anybody can" and yes that means you!

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Well done bev....8months is supercool on ure superquit :D x


Thanks Kat feeling very cool, very positive, very strong.




8 months is superb and another 4 weeks or one month and we will be booking you in at maternity hows that sound or do you mean 8 months quit, sos as per usual I got it wrong, so many good wishes you want be able to walk under the weight of them.

Have a good day and keep being the nice unsmelly non smoker that you have now become xx


8 months done and going strong, yep, thats a decent quit your looking after now :).. well done .

2/3rds of a year is definitely something to be proud about, do hope you punched the air :)

keep going :)


Bev - Brilliant well done!

I have found myself without a computer all weekend so couldn't post my own 8 monther (just about to do it).

Am rasing a glass to us as I type!




wtg Bev..all the power to you...keep her up!!


Sweet Bev!!!! we keep going and going...... WOOT. So near the one year mark huh? Very soon we will both be in the penthouse. I'm really looking forward to the Hot Tub. Gratz hun I'm:D very happy for you.


well done bev :)


Woo Hoo

Congrats Bev, seems to be a few 8 monthers climbing ever closer to that penthouse!!

Can't wait to say I've been quit for 8 months, that's like two thirds of a whole year. Blimey!!!



Excellent news Bev........... you've had some wobbly times but all seems so much stronger and stable now with your quit and how you feel about it :)

Enjoy celebrating this moment........... and each and every moment smoke free. Tis simple really........ choose to remain smoke free each moment and your sorted.

If only :rolleyes:........... but it can be :cool:

Pol x



Great news darlin, 8 months is great, you have got your quit well and truly under control, be in the penthouse before you know it.

Stay strong

Love Dee xx:)


Well Done Bev 8 months is fantastic :)


Well done Bev , 8 months is fantastic :D

Sounds like you have this quit well and truly under control , 2/3rds of the journey to the penthouse completed and in your rear view mirror and it really wont be long before you join us :).

Keep up the good work Bev .....and enjoy the freedom , YOU IS DOING GOOD ! :cool:

Trev x

Quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

9 months C.T


Thanks guys, it has been a bumpy road but I do finally think I have made it. As strange as it may sound it is only relatively recently that I have begun to think of myself as a non smoker, rather that an ex smoker. As an ex smoker I always thought that I would start again one day :eek:, however as a non smoker it is quite clear that I don't smoke today or ever.

Hope that makes some kinda sense, yet again I have to thank everyone on this forum for making me the non smoker I am today. :D


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