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Today I Have Been Quit 8 Months


Hi Boys and Girls

Yep Eight whole Months 242 days without a fag

Feeling great and very proud of myself at the moment

I have saved £1,657.50 by not smoking

6,049 cigarettes.

I have saved 3 Weeks and 5 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 17/11/08 08

When I started this quit I wondered if I would ever do it having tried so many times before

But with the help and support of the people on this forum I have done it

Love to you all

Marg xxxxxxxxxx

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Hello Marg,

Well done 8 month`s is great.


Hi Wayne :D

Thankyou I am very happy about this


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

huge congratulations to you marg, you must be soooo proud and definately should be, what an achievement, im way behind you but im looking forward to being where you are. love jack x

Hi Jack :D

Thankyou I am feeling very chuffed with myself I admit

You may be behind but you will get there and after all I did have a head start on you :D


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Mrs H you have, I believe, got it sussed and are a true inspiration to other forum members.

Hi Nic :D

Thankyou so much for the message I don't know about an inspiration but I enjoy helping others as you and many others helped me when I arrived as a very nervous newbie 8 months ago

See you at the Party tonight


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Margaret,

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on passing the 8 month milestone.

You have been a massive support to so many on this forum and such an inspiration.

Somehow, I still can't quite catch you up - but Ill keep on trying.:D


Hi Deke :D

Thankyou for your kind words

So you can't quite catch me huh but you'll keep trying

I think either you have to run a bit faster or I better slow dow a bit [no way] but after all I had a head start on you

I'll wait for you at the penthouse though OK so you can catch up


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


You should be soooooooo proud of yourself. You are such an insperation to us newbies. Thank you for the kindness and support you give to the rest of us.

You are truly a lovely lady :)

Love Carol xxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. Be with you in 10mins to give you the new glam hairdo :p

Hi Carol :D

Thankyou very much and I must admit to feeling very proud of me

Any help/support I am able to give you're very welcome to

10 mins eh OK just time to run and post a letter me thinks


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Caroline :D

Thank you to one of my many daughters


Marg alias Quit Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tomatpots10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Margareth.

Well done for reaching 8 months and well done for continuing to spread the education message. When I first arrived on this board that method was frowned upon. Thanks to people like you it is reaching everyone who graces these boards.

Today Margaret you deserve a tip of my hat ;)

Hi Tomatpots :D

Thankyou for the message and also for all the help and encouragement you and many others on this forum gave me I know that without you all I wouldn't be where I am today

I can't understand why the education way was frowned on as it makes so much sense to learn all you can

I for one will continue to spread this message for as long as anyone will listen to me


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

Congratulations Margareth on a big 8 months you are 2/3rds of the way to the proverbial penthouse well done. :)

At just 10 days into quitting, it's people like you who are giving me that extra bit of inspiration and determination to succeed. Congratulations. x

Hi Chrissie :D

Thanks for that and the song but no sun here today in fact it's chucking it down here at the moment arghhhhhhh

I keep saying I should cut down on the amount of time I spend on here but it never happens :D

Hi Michael :D

Thankyou yep 2/3rds of the way there now and it just gets better all the time

Hi Zolat :D

Thankyou for that if I can help by giving you that little bit extra omph you may need along the way then I'm happy to do so

Love and a Hug for you all

Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Chrissie :D

Yeah I know you can but a little bit of sunshine would be nice as well don't you think

OK OK I know can't have everything but why not is what I want to know

If this lovely hairdo Carol gave me gets ruined in this weather I shall have a huge tantrum and chuck all my toys out of the pram followed by blankets etc and the dummy so there

WOW just got a glimpse of sun then oppppps it's gone again


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Congratulations, marge!!!!!!!!!! 8 months is a brillant milestone!!!

Your so close to the penthouse now!

Hi Jody :D

Thankyou very much and no not long now to the Penthouse


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


well done marge

huge congratulations to you

love gaynor xxx

Hi Gaynor :D

Thank for the message


Marg xxxxxxx

Well done you! That's massive your doing amazing and going to carry on doing amazing you give so much to this forum and I would like to say thank you for that. So a massive pat on the back for you! :)

Hi Austyn :D

Thanks for that and great to see you here again


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Way to go marg!

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant-well done!

Your stats are quite scarey actually marg-6000+ cigarettes not smoked-where did you ever find the time?

More importantly what are you doing with that regained time now? Oh-hold on-helping and supporting others on here-how unselfish can you get?

Be proud marg-not just on what you have achieved on your own quit but also on the help and support you have given others-including me.


popsies x

Hi Popsie :D

Haven't seen you for a while now

Thanks for the message and I enjoy whatI'm doing

What I want to know is how I ever afforded to smoke :D

You coming to Nic party He reached the Penthouse today so come on over if you like


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Very well done Marg. Great feeling isnt it !!

I've been quit for 7 months today so Im one month behind you. :D

Hi James :D

Good to hear from you again

Thanks for the message

Well done on your 7 months quit Big Hug

You're right it is a great feeling wonderful in fact


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

can't believe I missed this! Well done on 8 months quit, that is excellent. Nothing more to say really, it's just ... fantastic :)

Hi JenJam :D

Thank you very much


Marg xxxxxx

BRILLIANT!! your there,you have done it,you should be very pleased with yourself. xxx

Hi Hope :D

Thankyou very much and yes I'm very pleased with myself and still having treats as well


Marg xxxxxxxx

Missed this thread as well! Congratulations Marg!!! Very well done! Big Hug :D

Well done marg

YOUR OUR BIG STAR , well done you, youre such an inspiration & so so positive with advice & help x YOU DONE SO GOOD x 8months is great x not its greater the great xxxxxxxxx COngratulations x

Hi Bella and KitKat :D :D

Thankyou both for the messages

I am very pleased to be where I am now

I'm sure you'll both get there as well the time passes so quickly you'll be there befor you know it

Love and Hugs

Marg xxxxxxx


Marg, congratualtions on reaching 8 months. What a fantastic achievement.

thanks for all your kind words and support through my quit

heres to many more months and years of being a non smoker !!


a huge congrats to you marg.

you must feel very proud.

you are truly a inspiration to this board

well done ....doey xxxx:D

Hi Sam and Doey :D :D

Thanks for the messages


I know that whatever life throws at me I'll never smoke again and it's thanks to this forum that I'm where I am today I couldn't have done it without


I am very proud that I've got this far but evem now I haven't and won't let my guard down

Love to you both with a hug

Marg xxxxxxx

Way to go Marg! Congrats.

Congrats Marg

months is fantastic.:):)

Hi Supervillian and Mah :D

Thankyou both for your messages


I have a long way to go before I get where you are now but I will do it

With every month that passes I just get more determined to never smoke again I just get the odd fleeting thought now


You to will get there you're so positive about your quit


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

Well done Margaret, 8 months is a fantastic achievement.

Hi TDKJohn :D

Thanks for the message but I couldn't have done it without the help and support of this forum + family


Marg xxxxxxxx

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