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No Smoking Day
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The 5th Day so far!!

well am here just about lol had a drink last nite and for the first time ever me and the OH didnt have a smoke yeah didnt even fancy one, felt great!

But woke up this mornin and every little thing is annoying me, (its not a hangover only had 3 glasses) lost me temper a few times with the kids feel awful, nan rang and i couldnt wait to get off the phone, OH rang told him i couldnt be bothered talkin. I do feel terrible but i honestly cant help it, going away 2morrow and if am in this mood i will spoil it for everyone, has anyone else been like this if so how long did it last? But strangley i have no cravin just this foul mood, dont no whats worst haha

I no one thing is for sure, i am not smoking, energy levels have gone up, feel fresh everyday, kids are smoke free, even my skin looks hydrated and i have saved a few bob, now why on earth would i want to go back smoking when i am getting all of these benifits.

Up and down thats how am describing myself today!

Bye for now xxx

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EVERYBODY who quits smoking gests a bit edgy and angry for a while, a bit fed up, so don't beat yourself up about it. It's ok to be down once in a while, and quitting smokes is a VERY good reason for it.

Anyway, day 5 was the last day during my quit that I felt any "physical" urge or discomfort. Since then It's been much easier.


Things will get better Annie. Think back to when you were a smoker and how bad your mood would be when you smoked the last in the pack and had no more left, the desperation you felt just to inhale those disgusting, toxic fumes. You will be much better in the long run by giving up. The iritations of little things won't be as bad when you have been quit for longer.


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