No Smoking Day

Worst bit of the day so far

Just had really bad few hours been trying to keep busy, drinking crandberry juice, head is pounding all my body is really on edge and to top it all my hubby is being insensitive. I would realy like to go to bed and drift off till the morning but I know Im going to lie there not being able to sleep. I know its early days for me but the time between teatime and bedtime is going to be the hardest I just can tell. Cant wait till my little grandaughter comes tommorrow for "Nanny Day" then it will all be worthwhile she will have me running around so much no time to think of cravings and hopefuly I will fall into bed exausted at the end of day 3. Calmed down a bit now writing on this forum really helps to focus.

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Doing great x x The intensity is awful when it hits, but it does pass x x

Your darling granddaughter may well notice how nice you smell tomorrow too :)

I love nannies ours is going to hers for a week next week, along with her other two cousins!!

You reckon you'll be knackered tomorrow night! my poor ol' mum in law won't know whats hit her, she has never smoked, hope she doesn't start :eek:

Keep it up Sue your doing so very well x x


Hay Sue, you're doing good... things will only get easyer form now on, so hang in there!

You'll be able to give your Grandaughter smoke-free kisses and hugs now!;)


Hi Sue your doing well. I have my Grand daughter every friday for the night and now she asks. Have you smoke this week nana. They make you laugh and keep you going. She will be 8 next tuesday. keep up the good work sue. Love linda


Cheers everyone, went off to bed and kept waking up but didnt have patch on as nurse said wearing it through the night may cause bad dreams. I was ok, this morning is the first day i havent needed my inhaler and nasel spray which i have been having for months (sinusitis) I think that is good and when I go to ENT clinic on thurs Im sure they will tell me its because i havent smoked. Thanks again I hope everyone else is doing ok and is still managing tobe smoke free Sue x


this morning is the first day i havent needed my inhaler and nasel spray which i have been having for months

Wow! I bet you are amazed at how not smoking has changed this! What a bonus when you get to see results like that so quickly!

Well Done Sue! you must be a proud Nan x x


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