Day 5 WOW

Well me and OH are now on day 5 and I can't believe we have made it this far. Only two more days and I can post in the Week 2 thread :D

Feeling good today but did have a little crave last night after dinner (first time I have had that after a meal) but it soon passed.

It still feels weird not smoking but is getting easier by the day.

Hope everyone has a really good day today.

Lingy :)

5 Replies

  • CONGRATS Lingy, you're doing so great!

    I was a bit busy yesterday or I would have posted earlier :) Go spend that money you saved on something nice, you deserve it!

  • Well done Lingy, Keep going your doing a grand job. :)

  • Good one Lingy you are doing really well, it will get better.


  • Thank you,

    Have been on holiday and this is the first time I have managed to catch up. Now moving into week 2 to post an update :)


  • Well done Lingy, will check out week 2 see how you are doing :)

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