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Day 1 all over again.


Hi all , so i tried to quit yesterday using patches which i recieved from the chemist but failed misserably :(

I tried to keep myself busy all day was sucessful until both my children went to bed and i found myself with nothing to do! Which led back to my old bad habit of smoking for the sake of it.

Hopefully today i will manage to restrain myself. Fingers crossed.

Also good luck to every1 out there also trying to do it. And a big congratz to any1 who has done it i admire all of you because this is hell for me. xx

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I sympathise with you as I am also struggling - my advice is to just keep trying and learn from every experience along the way - take care xx

Same piece of advice I just gave Dottie. You didn't fail, you just had a trial quit. Most of us have tried at least a few times, and several of us have tried many times over until we hit the right time.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and tell yourself you know you can do it!

Too much time and energy is spent in chastising ourselves for "failure". I say b*locks to that! You did something, you learned, and you'll be even stronger next time around.


Hi guys thanks for the support, i shall keep trying over and over until i do it! I just dont want to end up like some members of my family who can hardly breathe cos of smoking and on oxygen all day long.

I'll keep you updated xxx

Day one all over again.......

Hello Shelle hang on in there girl you can and will do it. I say this with complete confidence as your a "trier" and God loves a trier as my old granny would say.

Fair enough your struggling at the moment but you'll get there. Just how you can avoid the danger periods when your alone with yourself is a hard one. Try to keep in your mind that the cravings are fleeting, the trick being is how not to give into them.

May I suggest that every time the craving shows its ugly face you give it the two fingered salute courtesy of your kids, that way you'll be reminded of one of the many reasons you wish to quit.

Go for it girl

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123

Thanks Micheal, i will remember the two finger salute lol made me laugh. i keep coming on here every time i feel i want 1 so hopefully it will help :S im going to try zumba tonight n see if it can take my mind off things :)

Just a quick question did any1 else find themselves incredibly hungry when they wernt smoking? I'm picking all the time but i dont want to gain heaps of weight its taken me 6 years to go from a size 20 to a 14 :(

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