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Back Again :(

Well ..... I'm back again. :(

After not smoking for 2 and a half years I gave in and done it again. :(

I'm going through a stressful time with my marriage and gave in to a couple of puffs .. you guessed it those couple of puffs have now gone to 3 smokes a day. :(

While I've only been smoking for the past 11 days, I'm finding it difficult to stop.

I got my Champix again yesterday so at least that's a start.

I never ever thought I'd be a smoker again .... it's so true - It only takes one puff. :(

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A sobering reminder of a post :(

So sorry to hear that the nicotine call got the better of you during what are undoubtedly sad tough times.

I wish you well on this new journey. Stay strong, stay focused ... what will be will be and as we all know, smoking won't alter that.

All the best



Thanks for the good wishes. :)

I'm determined to stop this filthy habit.

I really don't know what I was thinking - but smokes definitely won't solve my problems. :mad:


Thank's :)


Wishing you all the best Mac.



Thanks everyone I'm determined to stop again. :)


Wishing you great luck MM! You'll nail it again.


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