another successful holiday

i am back had a successfull holiday

this is my second holiday smoke free this one was definately esasier than the last one i think i broke my triggers on the first holiday

i still thought about it [smoking] as i do everyday but not the craving type thoughts just omg i used to smoke thoughts and omg i would have smoked in this situation and omg i love the freedom of this holiday etc

its like on a daily basis i have to think about smoking to remind myself that i dont need it and that thinking about it reinforces my quit cause i realise how controlled i was and i believe it helps me stay strong

2 Replies

  • Fantastic!!!

    Excellent job Boo!!!


  • Doesn't it feel great a non smoking holiday. I love the freedom most.

    We can do this for good Boo I can feel it.

    Maria. x;)

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