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Best holiday destination for smokers


Hi all, have just returned from a week in Egypt. I was aware that there would be alot of smoking over there before we went and as a result I fretted and worried before the holiday about how I would cope ! when we got there- simples do the same as over here !! spent alot of time fretting over nothing!

We kept ourselves really busy seeing all the sites, up at 6 am then early to bed, there was alcohol available in our hotels but we didnt go mad as it was quite expensive so although we had to sit in a smoky bar sometimes we managed ok.

But what a country for smoking ! Everybody smokes ! there are bars where you sit and have sheesha pipes- bubble pipes and someone has come up with the cunning plan to flavour the tobacco with fruity flavours- strwaberry etc so you see young girls puffing away and the air smells lovely !! I didnt asl how much fags cost but would reckon them to be really cheap to buy.

So ,I know we all worry about the holiday trigger in advance and cant imagine how we will enjoy a holiday without a ciggy with our glass of wine on the sunlounger but trust me its no different from the quit here at home- occasional wants but manageable. ( we spent afternoons somedays round the pool ).

Louise xx

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Hi Louise :D

I'm so pleased you enjoyed your holiday smoke free

Also pleased you found it no harder than here at home


Marg xx

Oooh Thanks for sharing Louise!

It was a concern with the holiday season looming... another series of things that i've not done yet!

Marrakesh is quite similar for the sheesha pipes and the like, but doesn't sound quite as prolific as egypt!

Good to see you, and glad your still on the quit

Hugs Zo xxxx

Well done Louise , just shows how we dont need cigarettes and can enjoy life without them if we are in control of our quit .

You have done a great job of proving it ,keep up the good work :p

Regards Trev x

20 a day for 30 years :eek:

Quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

nearly 8 months C.T

Hi Louise

Glad you had a great time...but :eek::eek::eek:

Deep breath and I will not smoke on holiday.....:D


glad to hear you enjoyed the hol

but id say to answer your topic question Amsterdam


Thanks for that post Louise.

I'm off to Sharm el Sheikh next month and have to say panicking a bit about the unknown! Can't imagine a holiday in the sun not smoking??? I know that I will have to just deal with it and will not smoke as have come so far but worry about days of HUGE cravings and it ruining my holiday... A big part of our holiday is being out in the bars in the evening and will have to deal with the smokey environment and not smoking, however the smokey air should hopefully be enough to put me off!

Holidays are going to be tough, yet ironically it was one of my main reasons for quitting. DH and I love to travel and tend to do long haul holidays but frankly long flights and no ciggies was killing me!

After 15 years of pavement pounding I decided on a few short haul beech holidays this year and now I'm regretting this as I'm afraid sitting around a pool all day may trigger a craving BUT you have eased my mind.

Marrakesh in 7 weeks and you have made me feel better, now I only have to get rid of my gain weight to get into a bikini! Bugger.:eek:


mmm.. this bablefish makes many error with the translation but I'm able to follow most of Your posts. If any suggestion please PM me. Thanks.


Thanks to who messaged me with the suggestion of google translator. It definately works better ;-)


Mama say I need a vacation.

I will go to Pattaya Thailand


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