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Day 1 :)

I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought is that cigarettes are disgusting. They offer me no benefit and cause my body a lot of harm (as well as my wallet) so I decided to give up. I've gone since this morning now and I am quite happy. I had cravings after dinner but luckily I had Judo this evening so that distracted me. I have had a few cravings this evening as well. Anyway I've gone the whole day so I am happy :)

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yay for being happy when quitting!! you should be happy you are taking a HUGE step forward, even though it will feel a little uncomfortable over the next few days, embrace that as a sign that you are breaking free, the worse you feel the closer you are getting to freedom, freedom from smoking is about dealing with life without that poisonous crutch, so when you feel a crave rejoice! that is your moment to break free!

hope the judo went well :) 5mol<er


Ugh I hate these spammers that copy the previous post. Spam AND plagiarism, it's just too much!

Hi Tombo, welcome to the site. You're doing a great thing here. It can be tough, so make sure you arm yourself against your inner junkie: keep busy, stay positive, and read read read about the addiction and how to break it, it really helps so much to keep your mind focused.

And keep posting here, the support is invaluable.

Have a good day!



Thanks for all your welcomes! (Even the copy and pasted one lol) I managed day one so now my body is clear of carbon monoxide and my lungs are starting to clear the build up of tar :D


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