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Day 3 Cold Turkey - First Post


Day 3 comes to an end, actually surprised and bewildered at how easy it's been to quit smoking. So I used to smoke roll-ups, 15-20 a day for the last 5 years, maybe the nicotine content is less than you would find in tailor mades, anyway...

Question for my fellow quitters:

Anyone else had severe lethargy?

Literally, I feel asif my body is too tired for anything, even to the extent of being too tired to have any cravings. Could quite happily slip into a coma for the next 2 weeks.

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Yawn yep

yeah it happens in the first week

If you get a 5th or 6th day like me your energy will return 10 fold.

My advice is make sure you sleep patern is consistant now so that when the energy high hits you can try and get all the way through a night without waking too much.

You will be bouncing around again soon with all that lovely o2 in your blood!

Good luck to you


Cold turkey from 20 a day for 10 years. Quit june 27 2011


Thanks John! It's good to have some reassurance, now...back to bed :P


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