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Cold Turkey Day 3


As the title says "Cold Turkey" and on day 3 don't I know it, got the light headed spells that I've read about for the first time, tired, back of my throats like Ghandi's flip flop BUT thanks to here I've been expecting them, on a plus side the cravings seem a bit weak getting over shadowed by the other things so It's making me turn all the negative symptoms into positiveness :) chances of me smoking today = none, one day of a time :)

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ghandi's flip flop ha!! know what ya sayin! im day 6 (yay!! cant quite believe it) and as you say its a bad case of ghandi's flip flop! keep up the good work, youve put a smile on this face which is quite a rarity at the mo!!


Day 6 Droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, now there a insperation to get through today with days 4 & 5 :)

;) you'll get there!!


Hey steelfixer,

It's normal to feel lightheaded on day 3 so don't worry about it. By tomorrow you will feel loads better. And well done for going cold turkey, that is so awesome.


Thanks all, very much appreciated.

Yaaaay well done :D

Dont let Captain Caveman get the better of you :p

lol, although day 3 was difficult at the start especially it's being to come together that i should go far with this, if i get to the dreaded week 3 it's a monster test for me anyway as im on a break........a drinking weekend and i know a few smoke although i got offered a smoke today but someone unknowingly,..... i refuse it and stood talking while they had it to prove to myself that i could, soooo tempting and smelt good although it stinks.

hi there, hows ghandis flip flop doing??

lol. still very dry and chest has now tightened up again, apart from that the craving are easy so far today, 2 hrs and i can move into the 4-7 zone who-hoo

the last few days have draaaaagged on though.

Keep it up! I know one of the big things for me already after 4-5 days was that I wasn't waking up craving that early morning smoke. It's a tough one, and seeing the back of that was a REALLY big boost.. So stick to it!!!

Besides the fact that yesterday utterly blew, the smoking cessation process has been alright. I did sneak in one smoke, but continued with my smoke-free life as if nothing happened.

Still no munchies (phheewwww), but that tunnel vision and insomnia are really getting on my nerves. I had a bit of a hard time driving my car yesterday as I either saw everything blurry, or I just didn't look at the road. Made it home safe though :)

This morning I woke up to stomach cramps and it feels as if I'd carry around a rock in my stomach. Weird.

Have a wonderful and successfull day 4 :)

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