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Cold Turkey - day 3


Well it's day 3 for me - i'm still alive - just lol.

My cravings today seem stronger than yesterday which is strange. Never-the-less, I am determined not to give in to these cravings.

One thing which has seemed to help me this far was memories of failed attempts. I remember trying to quit once, lasting about 1 1/2 days then rushing out for some cigarettes. The first cigarette made me feel ill and overwhelmed with guilt and dissapointment.

Carrying that with me I hope I can be strong enough to resist this time!

(Also a graphics guy I work with here who keeps moaning that his basic human rights should entitle him to shelter while he smokes, as he's getting sick of standing in the rain,wind and cold!)

It'a all good, see you in the next room tomorow ;)

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He hehe

Good visual aid to close your eyes and remember that awful cigarette you had.

Great also the sight of a whinny full grown man looking such a drip in that crappy weather :D

Hold your head high and put on that cheeky cocked smile you deserve it :D hehe

Day3 is renowned for being a toughy so go with it x x x it's just 24 hours, worth every inch of irritation to end up a non smoker x x if you need to keep busy make a cartoon of your colleague dripping and moaning with his soggy floppy cig hahahahaha ~Buffy x x

Hi Mannion,

day three for me also, cold turkey as well no the most effective method but oh well lets hope, doing ok so far.

worst thing is I just fancy going outside and having a fag not gonna though really gonna try this time.

good luck to everyone else

Liz xxxx

Keep busy Liz x x

Deep breaths and imagine all those stuck outside naked and frizzled up in the cold :D

Sing a song or imagine your favourite film from start to finish.

Keep strong it's worth it x x treat yourself to something later x x ~Buffy x

Hey Lizzy,

I have a different opinion on our approach...

By going cold turkey we have taken the hardcore route. No come down or ease out of chemical dependance, just stop dead, immediate agony and intense withdrawal.

OF course in turn the first few days are living hell.

But on the same note, your blood is now completely clean of nicotene - and if you make it through tonight your physical cravings for nicotene will COMPLETELY STOP. (please correct me if I have been misinformed on this...)

Thus day 4 and beyond are only a mental battle, your body is free of nicotene in 72 hours - quite an achievement in my opinion.

Hi mannion,

You are so right, at least if we suffer now it will be easier as the days go on.

Its a nice feeling thinking that the nicotene will be almost out of your body within 72 hours.

Had a good three days, day four still fancy a cig in the morning, worst time for me, and I think a lot of people.

Hope you are still going strong mannion roll on day four.

Liz xxx

WEll done you two and welcome to day four you are both right after today its just your brain to train. Good luck keep us posted Linda xxx

Thanks for the support guys, I'm going to make my little post in the day 4-7 room.

(As sad as it sounds I feel all proud as i move up through the various rooms of this forum hehe!)

See you guys there! :D

It isn't sad x x

It's motivational and helps loads!! :D will meet you there ;)

Well done ~Buffy x

Hi there. 'Newbie' type person here.

I'm also on Day 3 - and doing it via the hardcore cold Turkey method (no NRT for me!).

I've smoked pretty much for about 16/17 years - about 10 a day on average.

I'm 36.

My lungs feel odd today - like the're getting ready for me to cough up some 'nastyness' in the next few days. I'm feeling a bit dizzy, confused and slow. Getting some really weird dreams as well. However, I'm really glad to say, I really don't fancy a cigarette at all today.

I think the fact I generally do a reasonable amount of excercise (football once a week, gym couple of times a week) is spurring me on to reap the benefits in the future.

I've quit before for 3 months - and started again in the pub. Now smoking is banned in the pub (here in England) - I'm feeling quite good about succeeding this time.

Best of luck everyone. I'll be back tomorrow (Day 4).

Hello Jack x x

Welcome to the site!

Well Done on your quit too x x I think your off to a great start and your positive attitude and ability to busy yourself are going to help you massively!!

Good Luck, keep us posted and keep going Your doing great x x

~Buffy x x

Hi buffy.

This is a great site!

I'm axctually quite loking forward to 'qualifying' for the days 4-7 thread...LOL.

I'm going to treat this place as my group therapy

hehe good good x x

The forums divided into days like that is really good for motivation :D

Hell yeah, Group therapy! where else can you go meet others in the same boat anytime time night or day? hehe and such a great bunch of people, non judgemental and genuinly want to help each other as much as take all the help really works well.

Use it to the max :D at nearly 1.5k posts believe me I am quality using it to the max! Tis a real help x x x ~Buffy x

You're either absolutely rubbish at giving up smoking...........or a very good person!


Together, we can do this thing ;)

Now you have an additional pressure NOT to smoke.... We are all waiting for your post tomorow, and the next day, and the day after....

Don't go letting us down :p

:o Actually I just talk too much :o

hehehe :D

Stay strong ~Buffy x

Day 3 hell

Just found site and I admit I need some help as this is not easy.

Smoker for 25 years but I am determined to quit but need to know others have gone through the same experience.

Day 3 has not been easy and concentration levels are way down.

Just looking forward to being able to post on day 4.

Welcome to the site isrxjs!

Hold tight x x day 3 is a tough one just take it hour by hour and keep active and busy. Try drinking water too x x x

Reading, writing, singing, deep breathing, relaxing, cleaning :D anything just hang on in there x x x

You'll come through the other side it isn't long to hang tight x x and we will see you posting on day 4 !!!

Give yourself a massive treat today, wine, magazine, new gizmo or a simple bubble bath or cd anything ! just treat yourself! you deserve it x x

Onwards and upwards Keep it up ~Buffy x x

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