hiya,ne advice,support please??x

hiya,came on here a month or so ago,explaining that id been smoking again after a 3 year quit,neway after going back to buying 20 a day ive realised ive got to,and want to stop again!!i thought it would be easy coz ive done it before!! but i cant seem to get the guts up to do it again!! i quit after losing my dad to lung cancerbut thats 4 years ago now,and with the meds im on that fears not so intense i supose..and ive started training and im coughing all over the place!!!want my clean lungs back..sorry for the waffle!! xx:(

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  • Hi Hun

    Congrats on coming back and saying basically enough is enough. I know you can do this as like you have said you have done it before.

    I used champix to start off my quit and even though i never completed the course i have stayed smoke free so maybe that may be of use to you.

    Anyhow, i would make an appt to see a quit nurse or other HCP and see what they can offer you and get back on that wagon as soon as you can.

    Again good luck hun and welcome back :)

  • thankyou,ive got 2 cigs left then my patch going on!!!know its not going to be easy,but im going for it!!will come on here as much as i can x

  • Hi .. how are you getting on Becca ?

    I use t patches NiQuitin 24 hr

    im on 14 mg now

    after 8 weeks on 21mg

    the nurse's at my doctors are so sweet

    they are so pleased i havent smoked :)

    they are carefully nursing me thro my quit

    i see them every 2 weeks

    i am staying on 14mg patches for 4 weeks

    then drop to 7 mg

    i also have my nicorette inhalator .. which is invaluable

    for the hand to mouth thing

    its something to suck on Ha'

    i started off using 12 cartridges a day !

    now im using 3 or 4

    Best Wishes with your quit

    Regards River xx

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