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just joined.need advice please

hello everyone,

ive just found this site.

i stopped smoking only 6 days ago.ive been a heavy smoker for 30 years.

i was expecting to feel better straight but all ive done since i had my last ciggi is cough.even waking through the night coughing.had terrible headaches and a bit breathless..i feel worse now ive given this normal to start with.i really do not want to start smoking again

many thanks for any help


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Hi Suzi

Well done on your day 6, all the symptoms you are experiencing are normal. You will get nothing but 100% support from this site it has really helped me just to know I wasn't going mad!

Everyone is different and we all try different methods, I started on patches but was allergic to them so went cold turkey, tough decision...

I failed my first attempt so started again on 1st April and so far so good.

Two things that helped me:

Orange juice and whenever I thought of a fag sing a song, you can't think and sing at the same time - check out the "What is your quit song" in the day 1 forum.

Good luck and stay in touch with everyone on here and we will try to help you through it.



thankyou alison for replying.i got some patches yesterday hoping it would help with the withdraw symptoms .ive yet to find i was just worried about all the coughing and feeling a bit ruff.. any idea how long this will last for..suppose im expecting too much after smoking for 30 years..tut

i must be lucky cos i dont feel like i want a ciggi.just want to feel better..

thanks again



Most people find the patches help, I'm just a freak who came up in eczema with em, like my Dad says "if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all"!!

At some point the other regulars will get in touch with you and give you loads of advice about the Alan Car (spelling) book helped and try to find John's link as he's got loads of websites you can visit to get advice.

Try to remember your body is going through recovery after smoking for so many years and it's discarding all the sh*t, your sleep may be affected, the cough is normal for some.

My concentration was shot to pieces and I started a sssssstammer!



i read the alan carr book years ago but was young then and it didnt work..but now im older i know i gotta mum died 1t 52 through smoking and my brother has just been diagnosed with same illness my mum had plus my late sister had same..cant spell it but ill emphasemia i think i aint got a choice but to stop...:)


thankyou alison for replying.i got some patches yesterday hoping it would help with the withdraw symptoms .ive yet to find i was just worried about all the coughing and feeling a bit ruff.. any idea how long this will last for..suppose im expecting too much after smoking for 30 years..tut

i must be lucky cos i dont feel like i want a ciggi.just want to feel better..

thanks again


Hello Suzi

Congratulations on your decision to quit.

If you do not feel like a ciggi I would not use the patches. You will feel rough for a while and time seems to slow down.

However this does not last for long.

The three best bits of advise I can give you are

1 Dont smoke

2 Whilst doing number 1 educate yourself. Re read Allen Carrs book, look at different websites such as whyquit.

3 Post here if you need any help and at the very least read posts on the website. I do not post much, but have read huge amounts on this site going way back.

Good luck:D


Hi Suzi and welcome :)

At Day 6 all the nicotine has left your body, and if you start using patches now, then all you would be doing is puting nicotine back into your system, and imo that would be so much worse for you! :eek:

The first 2 times I read Alan Carr meant nothing to me, zilch, nada, total bankety blank.:confused: However, this time I have done a lot of reading and find a lot of what he said very helpful. Please do check out the rest of this forum, and the links I have posted after my signature.

You are doing brilliantly at Day 6. The coughing is just your body and lungs getting rid of all the crap you're been inhaling for the past 30 years - you are going to feel sooooooo much better very soon, I promise :D


thankyou all for the last few messages everyone.its very encouraging to read them :)

id no idea that using the patches would make it worse so ive just taken it off and wont use them. and very pleased to hear that i will start to feel better soon..

cant wait till i feel some benefits of stopping..

thanks very much everyone for your help.ill read the sites you told me about :)


thanks john..

not sure what to i put patch on last night before bed and didnt wake during the night with headache ..but have been doing all maybe it did help.but then again like you say its just putting nicotine back in me..ill just see how today goes without wearing a patch

your all very helpful and made me feel very welcome

thankyou so much xxx


Oh, my, yes, Suzi. I thought you had bought patches but hadn't started using them ? (Sorry, I am easily confused!:o)

It is obviously entirely up to you, but I thought you were on Day 6 cold turkey and had bought patches "just in case". I only wanted to point out that your body was nicotine free after 3 days, and imo you shouldn't start on patches now. If, however, you have already started using them, then it's entirely up to you. I am no expert, and would never try to influence how you quit, I can only pass on my opinion. :o

Everyone's quit methods are unique to the individual. Please read, read, read and you will soon find which method is best suited to you :)

You are doing great btw :D


i did go cold turkey from last sat but with having the bad head aches i got the patches last night and put one on at 11pm last night ..prob silly of me to do that wasnt thinking that im putting nicotine back in me..but thanks onemoretry i really appreciate your help:)

john- can you tell me how to find them messages you mention by catwoman about cells please..sorry to be a


thankyou john that looks really intersting ill have a read now :)

ill get used to finding stuff soon..just takes a bit of getting used to only ever posted on one forum before..thanks again

suzi xxx


Hi Suzy

I started my quit off cold turkey but started getting really craves for a ciggie so took myself off to the chemist and bought some chewing gum (fresh mint) flavour and although don't use many, only about 4-5 a day found this to be an absolute god send, didn't want to start on the patches as didn't want the nicotine in my body all day and night, at least with the chewing gum you can be in more control. The first 3 weeks, I could sleep at a drop of a hat even in the afternoons and my concentration was at an all time low but I got through that, I gave up on the 17th March 2008.

Good luck with your quit, sounds like you are on the right track, I also gave up for health reasons and also as my daughter is coming up to an age where the peer pressure might be on and I just thought to myself how can I advise her about the dangers of smoking and not to do it when I smoke myself, so thats why I gave up.

I also lost my mum at an early age from cancer although not smoking related and she didn't smoke but smoking does increase your risk of cancer and don't want my daughters to go through the loss that I have had by not having my mum around.

Sorry for the long post but I really connected with you when I read your post.

Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on good or bad there is alwyas someone on here, must go now as getting my fat fingers stuck in the keyboard!!! lol x


Welcome Suzy

One full week tomorrow then things will start to feel better. The first week is the worse one and you will have a bit of time under your belt. i also lost my mum to cancer age 59. So I know how you feel congrats with your quit and look forward to getting to know you. Linda xxxx


hi della and linda

thanks so much for the mesages the chewing gum sounds like a good idea..

i know im going to do it this never going to give in to the ciggis again..ive just got a new grandaughter..well not exactly new 4 months old today :)and im so happy about it i want to see her grow up..

also i had cancer stage 3..3 years ago but im over that now so if i can beat that im sure i can beat the craving for ciggis.. and to be given a 2nd chance at life then im gonna grab it :)

so i got alot of reasons to stop..yep a week daughter cant believe

thanks again everyone for making me so welcome xxx


You are very welcome, everyone has their own reasons for giving up this horrible drug, you've done really well, a week under your belt is brilliant, can only go from strength to strength..... have a good evening x


thankyou very much della

enjoying looking at this site..finding loads to read..really helps :)


Hi Suzy, not quite sure what website its on but there is a demonstration with a soda bottle(american) where they show you what its like for your lung everytime you puff on a ciggie, after 2 weeks I did sucumb and have a puff and this image was very vivid in my mind and all I could think about was all that smoke going around and in and out of my lungs, one puff the rest of the ciggie was put under the tap. Basically it showed that when you inhale on a ciggie and blow the smoke out, only a tenth of the smoke comes out your mouth, the other nine tenths of it stay in your body swirling around your lungs, disgusting eh!

I'm sure someone will reply to this with the correct link, i have a terrible memory so can't remember but definately worth a look. Some of the websites are actually against nicotine replacement like patches and chewing gum but they are worth a look as very interesting and basically what works for some people doesn't work for others... I wish I could've gone cold turkey but I couldn't and the chewing gum alongside this forum has got me where I am today ( I sound like an actor giving a speech) sorry!!!

Anyway you take care and have a great weekend, keep posting.... x


that sounds really good id like to see long did you smoke long ago did you stop?

im so glad i decided to stop just got a bit worried about the coughing i was doing but feel much better now i know its normal..:)


thanks thats horrible to watch..ill be watching it alot thats if i feel like a ciggi


Hi Suzi. Hope you are going ok in your quit.

As for watching those vids, esp the 'shocking' ones, I found they lost their impact on me when I went thru a phase of watching them alot.

Don't ask me why I felt the need to impart that piece of info with you 'cos I don't know lol Maybe 'cos my message is to just be wary of watching TOO MANY scare tactic vids in case they lose their impact on you too.

Well done for stopping smoking and here's to a better and improved smoke free life! :)


Hi Suzi, congrats on quitting. Have to admit that back in the early days when i fancied a puff that demo came into my head and thoughts of a ciggy went out. Disgusting ain't it?

Keep up the good work ;)


thankyou both for your replies and thankyou for the warning about watching them too much..ill take note of that :)

i have found today a bit harder and really missing the ciggies :mad: but hopefully tomm will be better :)


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