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No Smoking Day
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3 weeks

I am now on day 19.. Woo Hoo... Tonight was the first night that I actually went out socially and had some drinks. It was difficult, until I went to the Casino with some friends.. They went to the Smoking Terrace.. OMG.. I went out there and it was really disgusting.. 3 weeks ago I would have been out there with and joined in with them. What a wake up call.... It really reinforced how much I want to stay QUIT....

I love reading these posts, they have really helped me get through these weeks......

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i feel the same


I get the same thing now when i go out drinking.

I almost feel sorry for them enslaved to their cancer sticks.

I cant believe that i ever thought putting smoke into my lungs was a good idea and im only 7 weeks in so not that far ahead of you.

Also i can smell it on people now as they walk past me. I am so glad i dont smell like that anymore.

I wish you all the best and good luck with your quit.


Cold turkey from 20 a day


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