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No Smoking Day
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day 7

hello everyone im new here, ive been free for cigarettes for 7 days now, i am using a 10 week course of patches as everytime i tried in the past i never made it past 3 days smoke free, so this is a definate achievement..

has anyone else found they have difficulty swallowing after giving up? it is quite painful and when i think about it gets worse and makes all kinds of ideas run through my head!

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Hey, great job, youve made the best choice and come far! I am using the patchs to, they are a life saver. It sounds like your throat issue is because of quitting.

Cold symptoms as the lungs begin to clear (sore throats, coughing, and other signs of colds and respiratory problem)

Everything your doing is good and it will get better!!



i am to using the patches and they are working really well. i've been quit now going on 4 days. as i noted before i am feeling a little achey, sort of like when you have a cold. i know its a stop smoking symtom. we will all just carry on and get through this. we can do this, we will do this...great job everyone...


thanks for the replys, i was supposed to be going to the pub tonight but instead ive decided to resist the temptation of pub and alcohol and stay home with my old freind fosters and some catch up tv! (plus i achieved some housework as well lol) i do hope the symptons will pass soon ! cant be doing with this blocked throat, mind you chicken tasted better tonight :D


I noticed i have a yukky clogged up throat yesterday on my day 4 quit, it's not too bad today though. Body must be working hard to clear out all the rubbish in it - can only be a good thing. quite scary how much damage we have done to our bodies if it is going through this to mend us :eek: keep up the good work it is so worth it


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