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DAY 7 And Feel Amazing!

Day seven for me and feel

amazing. I have tried several ways to quit and the only one that seems to be working for me is positive reinforcmenet daily and having the belief that it is easy to quit! I read books for knowledger about smoking, it's dangers, what it does and doesn't do for you....which is nothing, and the only plausible thing to do was stop.

For all of those having cravings most of them are so much worse because we whip it up into something else. They can be extremely powerful but try and see it for what it is. Breath deep and say to yourself I don't think so Nicotine' enjoy the lightheadedness of oxygen and ride the waves! You're surviging, you're lviing, you're healing!

Think 'bring it on' and celebrate everyday! Quitting is amazing! Thinkof all the extra money? I bought myself a galazy tab today with the money i saved from just one week! :)

Good luck everyone,and remember - positive attitude, see cravings for as small as they are, don't let yourself be whipped up into a craving frenzy - you can do it - after all you're saving your life!:D

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absolutely! well done on getting to day 7, keep on going, you're doing great!!


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